Welcome to WickedZionism.com. This Website Is Dedicated to Fighting AntiSemitism and Political Zionism. AntiSemitism has no place in the world so racists can go find some other website with which to morally pollute themselves.

This blog is dedicated to Tolerance! We even tolerate political Zionism while exposing it. The Thesaurus says the antonym of tolerance is bigotry. So this website is dedicated to speaking the truth without engaging in bigotry of any kind! This blog, as long as I, Gary Anderson, maintain this domain, is against the intolerance of Alex Jones and others who use their knowledge of false flags and hoaxes to make people hate all Muslims. Now, Jones has been moving this direction and says he doesn't hate all Muslims. I am starting to have my doubts, though, about him.

However, Political Zionism, also known as Globalization, or AngloZionism, is a wicked political movement, not a religion, that has doctrine, politicians, main stream media (MSM), and elite bankers giving it massive support. 

All Zionists are globalists. But not all globalists are Zionists. The Pope is a globalist, but he isn't a Zionist. This rift in the Kingdom of this world is a good thing, since both groups have not gained absolute power. The Pope wants Israel to be controlled by the United Nations. It is globalism, to be sure, but it isn't Zionism.

Zionism did not exist before the 1800's. It is a recent political doctrine that is not Judaism. While Jews started Zionism, most Jews believed the prophets, and were looking to the Messiah to establish the New Zion. Then, in the early 1900's, the Rabbis converted from Judaism, a historical religion, to Zionism, a political, non biblical pseudo religion.

Now Zionism is multiracial, with many non Jews being openly Zionist, like Joe Biden. The neocon non Jews like Jeb Bush, Richard Cheney and others were instrumental in calling for a New Pearl Harbor, leading to the 9/11 false flag against the United States.

Zionism sought to establish the same World Federation as did the New World Order globalists of the United Kingdom, Lord Rothschild and Cecil Rhodes being two such men of power.

David Ben-Gurion, founder of Israel, made this troubling, unbiblical and undemocratic statement:

“In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah.”

Some aspects of globalization are not inherently evil, as sovereign national trade, one nation to another, can cause both to prosper.

But Zionist Globalization, or Globalism, is an elite political movement that has not shown it can be respected, loved or trusted. Most politicians in the United States are Zionists. Most royalty in the UK is Zionist.

Zionism is a multiracial system in the western world, yet is very racist in Israel. Even Arab Israeli citizens were offered money to leave Israel by the party of Netanyahu.

Zionism is more than establishing a homeland for the Jewish people, which in itself is suspect given what we know about the Bible from True Torah Jews and New Covenant Christians. 

Briefly, here is the Zionist agenda, which came into being with the assassination of JFK. Keep in mind that I view the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to be fake. But with the writings of Yinon, Herzl and Ben-Gurion, all with globalist and colonial goals, the Protocols are not necessary to condemn Zionist motives:

1. Take over the world and control the financial system and all governments. Regime change is an integral method of gaining this control and many innocent people are instant victims. Establishing a cashless society is another way of adding control of the financial system.

2. Foment race war and religious wars by getting Americans to hate blacks and Muslims, even peaceful ones.

3. Establish gun control. LBJ was the first Zionist to do so.

4. Pervert the notion of patriotism to make allegiance to Zionism equal to patriotism, not allegiance to the once sovereign nation of the United States.

5.  Allow Israel to develop the bomb against the wishes of JFK.

6.. Establish a second Israel in the Ukraine as Israeli researchers learn that many Israelis may be predominately Khazars. That link is from my other blog.

7. Torment society with toxic loans making the average citizen into a debt slave. This comes with no prosecutions for the elite wrongdoers.

8. Falsely accuse those of us who oppose Zionism of being antiSemitic. This blog rejects anyone who would seek to use opposition to Zionism to also reject Jewish people who don't support Zionism.

9. Establish a "homeland" for Jews in a way that ignores biblical warnings about man taking the place of Messiah in the process of establishing any such thing. This homeland has expansionary goals built in, for a "Greater Israel", the complete domination of Palestine to the Euphrates. 

10. Establish intolerance and bigotry for those who live in peace, which is against the basic principles of American tolerance.

The people on the right and left who unknowingly support any part of this agenda are brainwashed by the US media, also controlled by the Zionists. Those who rally to the Zionist cause of hate or who rally behind gun control on the left, are actually all learning to hate Muslims, when most Muslims seek to raise their families and live in peace. Or they learn to hate blacks in accordance with many right wing Zionists.

Zionism as a doctrine makes Israel as a nation illegitimate. For those of us who reject Zionism as a doctrine, Israel has no validity in terms of the plan of God. The New Israel was to be established by the Messiah, not by self avowed atheists.

That does not mean there are not Israelis who understand Israel should not be claiming to be a Zion! And we do not advocate the destruction of Israel at this blog, although we stand up to the illegitimacy of that nation founded on the doctrine of Zionism!

Israel must reject its claim to be a Zion, period. That claim is bogus and God's hates Zionism, which ignores His prophets! See more about those issues at another blog I put together, Newcovenanttheology.com

Zionism is multiracial in the world, but clearly they have it in for blacks and Muslims in Israel itself.  Their hate is evident in Israel, where the Zionists are predominately of the Khazar race according to Israeli research, although I believe that many Jews descend from the ancient Hebrews. You can see it in names such as Lewis, Cohen, Levy, etc. I don't fully buy the Khazar argument, but Israel is supporting the new government in the Ukraine, made up of Nazi's and Zionists!

But, if you wonder why we are in the Ukraine stirring up trouble, it is because the Israeli Khazars want the ancient land back in Southern Russia and the Ukraine. Israel has even armed the Ukraines recently. Look it all up! And please consider this article as well.

There is a method by the Zionist globalists to consolidate their power in America through mind control Wake up Americans and don't fall for it!  

We must tolerate Judaism as with all religions, love Jewish people, and hate Zionism as a doctrine and political movement.

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My name is Gary Anderson. My natural father was Jewish but I am adopted. I was adopted at age 3 months. I was raised in a family that had no religious culture.

I am a Christian. I was called at age 21. I am old, and hope that people will understand that I oppose a political movement, but am tolerant of all religions. I respect the right of all to practice their religions or not! I expect that respect in return, but you never know.

The political movement I oppose is Zionism, a globalist doctrine of regime change, financial domination and world political domination. This movement destroys the sovereignty of the nations.

I detest racism, and antiSemitism. Judaism is not Zionism. Zionism is multiracial. These facts must be correctly understood. I reject bigotry of all kinds and stand for tolerance. I support tolerance for gays and lesbians. I tolerate all peaceful Jews and Muslims, because that is the right thing to do. I tolerate all races, because we all come from Adam.

That is preferable to the alternative, an intolerance of people who do me absolutely no harm.

I have been called a bigot and an antiSemite by Zionists. But know this, Zionism is a political movement, and was established in the late 1800's. Judaism is an ancient religion. They are not the same. In fact, they are polar opposites, with Judaism looking for the New Zion established by the Messiah, and the Zionists establishing a fake Zion through self avowed atheists including David Ben-Gurion.

The master manipulators of the world are the Zionists. I am confident that they are found out and that the ultimate control of world affairs will be stripped from them by the Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. 

If you wish to discuss these things in private, please email me at bgamall4 at Yahoo dot com.  


 My position is as follows. It is my religious belief that Sandy Hook was a hoax. It is my religious belief that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will judge harshly those who propagate these hoaxes and false flags, on the last day. I stand by my right of free speech and my right of freedom of religion as a believer in the New Covenant of Christ, which rejects the fake Zion that exists in Israel. I also stand by my right to reject the Zionist cause globally, while being tolerant of all religions. Zionism, which is behind these false flags and hoaxes, is a wicked doctrine of world domination and hate.

So, to be clear, the Christian Zionists also practice false religion and will face the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the judgement. That judgement will be horrible for these people who have disobeyed God and His Zion and His Messiah.

I tolerate all religions and I tolerate the non religious doctrine of Zionism, which was founded by atheists. I will wait upon the judgement of God, not on any efforts other than to voice my opinion about the truth.

God has shown me that Zionism will be defeated at the return of Jesus Christ, and though it is the most powerful political cabal in the world, it will be defeated and every last Zionist consigned to a horrible eternal punishment.

I am not a lawyer, nor am I a rebel. I am a witness of Christ within me and of His truth which will defeat all hoaxes and frauds and evil.


The Zionists won't tell us how Herzl said the poor natives would have to be "spirited across the border". He formulated Zionism in 1895 and made that statement. And he started an evil doctrine that was not Judaism and it was sponsored by the Rothschilds in London and the rest was history. This is an unauthorized Zion, which was not the Messiah's Zion. 

I posted this at CNN, which is one of the major Zionist leaning media organizations in the USA:

Zionism and Herzl planned for the removal of the natives as early as 1895. This plan of spiriting the poor across the border, as Herzl said, and paying the rich to leave, turned into the 1948 Plan Dalet of violence against 700k Palestinians counting the ones who feared the terrorists and left Palestine. Then they were sent back as it was THEIR HOMELAND. Israel was banished by God in 70 AD and it is ARROGANCE that Israel would think it has any claim on the land. As far as the spiritual aspect, Zionism is not Judaism. It is a fake Zion, as the prophets and Torah say the Messiah would build the New Zion. Christians can't be Zionists and people who really follow Judaism cannot be Zionists, period.

A British Court Rules Zionism Is Not Abrahamic Judaism (See at my other blog, Examples of Globalization) The picture below confirms that many people understand this truth.


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