Trump AntiSemitic & Pro Zionist

This was first published on this blog and it is so important in showing the difference between antiSemitism (which I hate) and non bigoted antiZionism (which is what I support) that it has to be saved to a static page. Donald Trump and his chief adviser, Steve Bannon, hate Jews and love Benjamin Netanyahu and the racist Zionists:

From this astute article. I have been standing for the same truths:

 For anyone familiar with Zionist history and current alliances, this should not come as a surprise but a confirmation. Zionists have always leveraged reactionary, racist, colonial and anti-semitic governments, regimes and organizations – from Russian Tzars to the Nazis to Mussolini to the colonial British Empire to the Christian Right (Christian Zionists). Their embracing of Trump and renown reactionary political strategist Steve Bannon is no exception. Bannon is chair of Breitbart News, a platform widely known for its white nationalism and anti-Semitism. It is also fervently Zionist.


 Zionism and Israel rely on antisemitism to justify blatant colonization of Palestine, ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, support for anti-Muslim and anti-Arab racism, collaboration in US wars, attacks on anti-racist organizations in the United States, training of repressive police and military forces and an economy that relies heavily on surveillance and weapons trade. So, its natural allies are, reactionary, racist, repressive governments, elected officials, regimes, movements, religious and political organizations and people of wealth.And, the ZOA’s validation of Bannon on Sunday night confirms what Palestinians and other anti-Zionists, including anti-Zionist Jews, have always known: Zionism does not equal Jewish, rather it is rooted in antisemitism; support for Israel does not reflect a commitment to the humanity of Jewish people; Zionism is racist and to be anti-racist one has to be anti-Zionist.
Steve Bannon says he is not a white nationalist, but rather is an economic nationalist. However, his publication, Breitbart, does court white nationalists. I have commented on a few articles and I know this to be true.

Regarding economic nationalism, Steve Bannon says we got hurt building China's middle class. While that could be true, as jobs left due to profits increasing in China for our companies, it is also true that not having a Chinese middle class is dangerous. Can you imagine a nation with 1.5 billion people behaving like North Korea? That could be a danger we cannot tolerate. Spreading the wealth is a necessary fact of life.

I oppose much of globalization, like predatory loans and regime change. But I support free trade. It is important.

Back to white nationalism. This is a most dangerous doctrine. And as Bannon embraces anti-Semitism, he also supports the racist regime of Zionism.

That is fascistic behavior. Someone needs to put Steve Bannon in his place. We eschew violence, but perhaps praying for our nation will affect Bannon's desires, as God controls all leaders. We can hope that Bannon will leave his white nationalism back with Breitbart. We can take him at his word, until he violates that word.

New Covenant Christians reject the alt right and so called Christian Zionists, Dispensationalists, who support the Zionist state. True Torah Jews also reject Zionism. 

Zionists are partly to blame for this situation, as they have tried to fool the American people, confusing antiZionism and antiSemitism. They are not the same. Judaism is not Zionism.

A British Court ruled that Zionism is not the essence of historic Judaism. Zionism is not interested in what the prophets said regarding the establishment of the New Zion. This is why Israel wants to force the True Torah Jews into the military to break them and force them to recognize the fake Zion.  


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