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Briefly, we can know that many say with proofs I tend to accept, that the highest level of  Kabbalah is Luciferianism, the highest level of Masonry is Luciferianism, Zionism is Luciferianism and the Federation of the world is likewise pagan. I do not delve into bloodlines and endless geneologies about these people. Please keep these assumptions in mind as you look through this article.

Isaiah 5:20New International Version (NIV)

20 Woe to those who call evil good
    and good evil,
who put darkness for light
    and light for darkness,
who put bitter for sweet
    and sweet for bitter.

Pagan British poetTennyson's Federation of the World may have been Gene Roddenberry's motivation for the Federation in Star Trek. 

Heard the heavens fill with shouting, and there rain'd a ghastly dew
From the nations' airy navies grappling in the central blue;

Far along the world-wide whisper of the south-wind rushing warm,
With the standards of the peoples plunging thro' the thunder-storm;

Till the war-drum throbb'd no longer, and the battle-flags were furl'd
In the Parliament of man, the Federation of the world.

There the common sense of most shall hold a fretful realm in awe,
And the kindly earth shall slumber, lapt in universal law.

It turns our that Tennyson and the UK royalty viewed the British Empire, especially the Square Mile, as the New Rome. The goal of the New World Order back in those days was to merge the UK with the breakaway USA.

There is additional proof of this desire to fuse the UK and the USA, as Cecil Rhodes, who was one of the richest men in the world and owner of DeBeers Diamonds, set up the Rhodes Scholarship, where Americans especially, could come and learn about this New World Order. People like Bill Clinton, who repealed Glass-Steagall laws, which let the banks offer liar loans, was one of those people.

1. Cecil Rhodes gave land for a Masonic Lodge.

2. Cecil Rhodes sought the reconquest of and NWO fusion with America.

3. Cecil Rhodes was familiar with the founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl,and understood Herzl's desire for colonial rule over Palestine, and had a favorable attitude toward Zionism:

Exhibit A in the ‘Zionism is Colonialism’ file, and perhaps sufficient evidence in and of itself, is a letter written by Theodor Herzl, the father of Zionism (one of Wilf’s “visionary Jewish thinkers and leaders”), in his diary and intended for Cecil Rhodes, perhaps the most identifiable figure with English colonialism. Rhodes is the namesake of the former British Colony of Rhodesia (note: it is today called Zimbabwe, Rhodes is not a name native to Southern Africa) and the man who contributed this gem of a colonialist maxim for posterity: “I would annex the planets if I could.”

Herzl writes to Rhodes in his diary on Zionism,

You are the only man who can help me now….it is a big- some say, too big –thing. To me, it does not seem too big for Cecil Rhodes… You are being invited to make history…It is not in your accustomed line; it doesn’t involve Africa but a piece of Asia Minor, not Englishmen but Jews…How do I happen to turn to you seeing this matter so remote to you? How? Because it is colonial, and because it presupposes an understanding of a development that requires 20 to 30 years…put the stamp of your authority on the Zionist plan…

4. Cecil Rhodes was financed by the Rothschilds who also financed Zionism, and Herzl.

So it is not unusual to find out that Israel takes a central place in the Anglo/American Empire. It is more like the Anglo/American/Zionist Empire, with Zionism not being Judaism at all, but rather a colonial doctrine and action to take over old Palestine. 

But even Ron Paul is a 33rd degree Mason. He wants people to starve in his Libertarian way. You have to be a globalist in some fashion to even run for president and get any serious funding, now. I believe that if Ron Paul is a Free Mason, the political system is controlled by the elite who have a vision for the New World Order, in both parties.

5. Cecil Rhodes was supportive of the very secret Jesuits, who influenced Oxford University, from which Harvard, Princeton and Yale come and he used their hierarchical framework to establish the Society of the Elect. I can assure you that they were not the elect. [The highest orders of secret societies often have the view that the elite members are the elect, chosen of God. But they are not the elect in any way and their beliefs betray them.]

From Wikipedia we see:

Historian Carroll Quigley claimed that the Round Table Groups were connected to a secret society, which South African diamond baron Cecil Rhodes is believed to have set up with similar goals. Rhodes was believed by some to have formed this secret society in his lifetime. This secret society is supposed to have been named the Society of the Elect.[7]
Rhodes first formalised his idea with William T. Stead, editor of the Pall Mall Gazette, when he and Stead agreed on the structure of the secret society. This proposed secret society had an elaborate hierarchical structure, based on that of the Jesuits, which comprised: at the top, the position of "General of the Society"—a position modelled on the General of the Jesuits—to be occupied by Rhodes, with Stead and Lord Rothschild as his designated successors; an executive committee called the "Junta of Three", comprising Stead, Milner and Reginald Baliol Brett (Lord Esher); then a "Circle of Initiates", consisting of a number of notables including Cardinal Manning, Lord Arthur Balfour, Lord Albert Grey and Sir Harry Johnston; and outside of this was the "Association of Helpers", the broad mass of the Society.
Jesuits may be supportive of the New World Order, but appear divided regarding Israel's place in that world order. BDS movements have been popular on Georgetown University, a Jesuit school.  It isn't hard to understand people not liking the behavior of the Israelis lately. 

Is Masonic doctrine and other secret doctrine central the Rhodes empire? Well, it is secret, so I don't know. Freemasonry is likely a tool, just like the Jesuit vision is a tool for big money to impose financial control, a cashless society, etc. Freemasons have led Israel so their is a direct link.

Israel is a reason for entrance to the middle east, perhaps as much for the sake of making money as much as for Israel itself! Israel is more than a tool, because Israel influences policy, as we see with the Yinon doctrine of regime change.

Kabbalah is certainly supportive of Zionism. Leo Strauss, father of the Neoconservatives, who are Zionists from many races, practiced Kabbalah.

Arthur Goldwag has said this, and the link is at the end of this article:

A number of leading conservatives in Washington turn out to be Straussians--Locke's piece identifies some of the most prominent circa 2002:
"Justice Clarence Thomas; Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork; Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz; former Assistant Secretary of State Alan Keyes; former Secretary of Education William Bennett; Weekly Standard editor and former Quayle Chief of Staff William Kristol; Allan Bloom, author of THE CLOSING OF THE AMERICAN MIND; former New York Post editorials editor John Podhoretz; former National Endowment for the Humanities Deputy Chairman John T. Agresto; and, not meaning to class myself with this august company but in the interests of full disclosure, myself."

Though Strauss was an atheist, he was culturally Jewish to the core. And hermeneutics is a prototypically Jewish practice. Kabbalists acknowledge that every Biblical text has four distinct levels of meaning:

Pashat (simple), its literal surface Remez (hints), suggestions (mostly through paradoxes and double-meanings) that something lies deeper
Drash (search), allegorical, symbolic, or analogic interpretations
Sod (hidden), its deepest, most mystical level of meaning
Goldwag goes on to say that the Masons borrowed this Kabbalah system, and I interpret this Kabbalah doctrine to actually be a Gnosticism, beyond the Bible. So, the Bible says Israel (the temple and the Old Covenant) would be destroyed. History says it was in 70 AD that the nation of Israel faced the tribulation of destruction.

But Kabbalah mysticism (which comes from Judaism but isn't Judaism of the prophets),  says that the Jewish right to Palestine exists ongoing. That is not Biblical because the prophets said that the New Zion would be established by the Messiah and even the True Torah Jews acknowledge this is what the prophets say.

Kabbalah supports Zionism, which, according to the prophets, is a fake Zion, established by man and not by Messiah. And that fake Zion is now one of the three pillars of the most powerful empire now in the world, the Anglo/American/Israeli Empire. The world is screwed, and God alone will simply have to start over, and we Christians believe that will be the case.

Add to all this that Rhodes helped form the League of Nations which is refashioned as the United Nations, the Federation for our time! Ted Turner says the United Nations should rule the world. And that is where we are, with a globalist financial system out of control, and with the eastern nations, Russia and China, fighting to stay sovereign in a world of empire. Their efforts may prove to be futile, if somewhat noble. It is so strange for me to look to those flawed nations as a counterbalance to the evils of the empire we find ourselves living in.

The final person to talk about the Federation was none other than the self avowed atheistic founder of Israel itself. David Ben-Gurion made this troubling, unbiblical statement:

 “In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah.”

So, while the Jesuits, who likely support some version of a New World Order, are less obvious in support of Israel and are at least divided, Kabbalah and Freemasonry have been linked directly to the New World Order that is inclusive of Israel holding a central role.

I must add that Theosophy is a New World Order occult movement, historically connected to Kabbalah and more recently a British and Indian (India was controlled by Britain), movement. But Ghandi opposed Zionism in a very reasoned statement. 

Still, the connection between the British Empire and Zionism is as if they are one, in a desire for a New World Order and a satanic one, filled with secret societies, at that.

Even Baha'i is supported by Zionism, as most likely the secret societies are, both from the Rothschild and Rockefeller treasure chests. Getting people to buy into a New World Order that seems wonderful but is darkness, is right up Cecil Rhodes alley, and it should be no surprise that Baha'i is supported.

he pagan promised redeemer is a man, not God, a leader of the New World Order. But, of course the antiChrist came in the form of Nero, and Trajan, so the return of Christ is not dependent on this pagan man of the future, based on a misinterpretation of holy scripture, being revealed. 

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 If anyone has something to add or to clarify about this treatment of the issue of secret society and world order, please feel free to comment.

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