Reagan & Israel

Ronald Reagan was not a friend of Israel. He was New World Order in his deregulation of the international bankers and allowed liar loans to be written into law. But he was not a friend of Israel nor big oil.

The globalist Zionist cabal of elite have many presidents who were totally against the New World Order, like FDR, JFK and Eisenhower. As time moved on and JFK was assassinated, the bankers, big oil and Israel got much of what they wanted. The bankers got easy money written into law. Big oil got to keep their tax breaks. Israel got to keep the bomb.

But these presidents would fight their efforts and the ones that sold out for Israel completely were the Bush family and LBJ. These Texans were willing to kill for Israel and their own interests. Big oil and big banking are closely tied. The only Israeli policy the Bush family opposed was the settlement policy.

So, big oil and Israel were represented by three vice presidents capable of great evil in the world. LBJ had JFK assassinated. Some say the Bush family was involved based on a foggy picture that showed a man in Dallas with the same hairline as George H.W. Bush. Turns out Bush could not remember where he was on the day JFK was assassinated. Sorry, everyone remembered where they were on that dark day when our sovereign nation was compromised to the globalists.

And Bush himself was in on the assassination attempt of Ronald Reagan. That is my opinion but there is much evidence supporting this. And of course, Richard Cheney was involved with George W. Bush in 9/11.

Criminals make for bad leaders, and we have had more than our share in the last 100 years.

Here are some articles that attempt to prove these things. Remember, globalist Zionism is a political movement, a cabal of power. It is not a race nor a religion. As Joe Biden said, you don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist.

But the zeal for Israel not shared by all presidents, has clearly been the most divisive and disruptive force in American politics. FDR warned against big finance taking over government. Eisenhower warned about the danger of the military industrial complex taking over the nation. Jimmy Carter warned about Israel and its apartheid.

Of course, JFK sought to limit big finance and central banks and the CIA and Israel. That was too much for the globalist Zionists, now wasn't it?

Wicked Zionism has produced wicked results. With regard to the Tablet article, I disagree with one thing the author Rosenburg claims. The Zionist lobby has a near stranglehold on American policy. It is not complete, but it is nearly complete. So for the author to say that it is preposterous to claim Israel has this power is overreaching to a conclusion, in my opinion:

Zionist Globalist War Profiteers Bush Family and Reagan's Assassination

If Obama Treated Israel Like Reagan Did He'd Be Impeached

The Most Anti-Israel President

The Zionist movement is very united and influential. It is virtually one with the royalty and banking of the United Kingdom. The UK fancies itself the neo Roman Empire, and the three pillars of this evil empire are the UK, Israel and the USA, which is often the errand boy of the three.

The Zionist movement influences the Eurozone. The nations there chafe under the globalist Euro, which was imposed by the UK as much as by anyone. The Zionist movement ultimately will further the interests of Israel through political influence on our politicians. The ones that cross Israel face danger to their persons. That is how divisive this movement has become in American politics. There is no greater evil in American politics.  

For a lighter look at these serious and dark subjects, I urge you to enjoy my satire at the blog. At least we can have a laugh over the absurdity of the world we live in. My goal is to educate you, not to depress you and ruin your life! So check out the satire:

Evil will ultimately be defeated when time ends. 


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