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Zionism & Hatred of Muslims

Update: Oded Yinon regime change, translated by Shahak into English in 1982, and adopted by Cheney and the neocons, has backfired in Syria. I wrote on a message board relating to an article showing Netanyahu wants a meeting with Russia to discuss Iran's inroads into Syria. Well, that is Israel's fault and the US neocon's fault:

Oded Yinon called for regime change in the 1980's. Our neocons adopted the plan. Now it is backfiring as Assad would have been better than the Iranians for Israel. Regime change is wicked. Innocent people die needlessly. But that was ok with Israel. 
The true Secret of Zionism is to hate all Muslims, even if they are peaceful. I can prove it as you read on.

I communicated with a Zionist in Israel, who I will not reveal, out of respect for private email correspondence. However, this Zionist has had power in Israel, serving with the Israeli government, and he has made his views known.

He responded to me when I asked him about his responsibility, as a Zionist, for the regime change that has taken place in the middle east.

His response to me shocked me, and I was stunned by the hatred. These were his exact words:

fuvk you get lost die from cancer you son of the bitch get lost go to hell stupi moran may you die with all of them together.

The terrible words were an example of someone who thinks that there was nothing wrong with the killing of innocent men and women and children where regime change took place, namely in Iraq, Syria, Libya and other nations targeted by the neocons for this regime change.

This man is a bigot, no less than Pamela Geller, who hates all peaceful religious Muslims. This man and Geller have exhibited the real face of Zionism, which is not Judaism in any way.

Now we not only have Pamela Geller, but we have a bigoted dual Ukrainian/Israeli citizen, Ihor Kolomoyskyi, who also is so hateful of Muslims that he seeks to fuse Jewish people with the NAZIS! That is no lie. And that is trouble.

But European Jews are standing up to the Billionaire Bigot, saying no, we don't hate all Muslims!

Zionism is a political doctrine of hatred and bigotry, and we have proof. Most US citizens do not want this view to pollute our nation.

Zionism was recently established in the late 1800's by Theodore Herzl, who wanted the natives banished and for Israel to be a force in the world. It is not the essence of Torah based Judaism or New Covenant Theology. It is not a religion at all.

Let us educate our Jewish and non Jewish friends about the American way of tolerance, which is the opposite of bigotry. We don't have to accept the views of others, but we have to tolerate them. That is the essence of America and is what makes us so different from Israel.

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