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This blog will be available as but the url WickedZionismdotcom will be retired. This blog was misunderstood from the beginning. I am not antiSemitic! I have Jewish DNA!.

I am antiZionist as a doctrine, as a religious doctrine. I know it is a political doctrine but poses as a religious doctrine and that conflicts with the teachings of Jesus Christ. But being a peaceful Christian, I do not advocate the destruction of Israel. I advocate the proper mercy towards the Palestinians, many of whom descend from Jacob. (As do some Saudis).

One hopes in the coming years that Israel will show mercy to the Palestinians. But it is a game that has been played so long I have a hard time continuing to even watch it. It is for others to wage the fight for the Palestinians.

The fact that I have ancient Jewish and Palestinian and Saudi DNA is a function of having been the offspring of my natural father, Armando Ramirez, a labor leader back in the 40's through the 70's. I never met him. Exploits of his life are found in newspaper clippings and through Cornell and other universities. He was born in Key West, Florida in 1900.

Here is my ancient DNA showing these connections. Explanations are here:

Praying for the Palestinians is something Christians should do, regularly. 


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