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Israel May Do Some Good In The World, Maybe

Israel may yet do some good in the world. So far, that good does not extend to the Palestinians, but perhaps that nation is moving towards peace in the world. I am not certain of this, but it could happen that the nation could moderate America's tendency to seek war through its relationship with China.

I do still believe that the concept of Zionism is inherently flawed. The treatment of the Palestinians, who are DNA cousins of the Ashkenazi Jews, is criminal. But we all want world peace and hope some compromise can one day be reached. This is the issue as I posted in an article for Talkmarkets:

Donald Trump's world view is one of US superiority, and maintaining that superiority. But clearly, the customers are in Asia. Japan's Abe and Israel's Netanyahu have signaled more cooperation with China as both realize that Asia is where it's at economically. For Abe, Trump is perplexingly pushing Japan into China's camp: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's use of …