Donald Trump Says Netanyahu Bigger Obstacle to Peace

Peace in the middle east has proved elusive. Oil wars, and pipeline wars are a big factor. But so is peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis. The Palestinians are accused on being the issue, yet Donald Trump said before many witnesses that Benjamin Netanyahu was the force behind failure to secure the peace.

Benjamin Netanyahu has done what Israel leaders have done before, rope-a-dope the peace process. That was a strategy used by Mohammed Ali in boxing, and that same strategy is being used by Netanyahu in the peace process. Boxing is a sport, The peace process is crucial to world peace and ultimately to world prosperity.

Netanyahu is carrying out the plans of the Zionists. Oded Yinon once wrote that the Palestinians had two choices, slavery or banishment.

This is unfortunate on every level, on a racist level, that is false, for example. And that is because the Palestinians share the same ancient Hebrew DNA of the Israelis!

Someone in Israel needs to wake up. And hopefully, Trump will cause a change, but it is not likely until Netanyahu breaks from the historic racist Zionist stance. Zionism replaced Judaism as a psuedo atheistic religion. It falls back on Judaism when perceived to be the greedy colonialist power it really is.

But few people are fooled today as in the past. We all know that Israel is a fraud, not based on the prophets, or on truth, but rather based on pain and suffering as a long time oppressor.

Steve Bannon is out, and he was actually a racist who supported the racism of Netanyahu! So, the peace process can go forward. It is up to Netanyahu to quit faking the process.


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