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I Warned People Trump Was a Racist and Bigot

I warned people that Donald Trump was a racist and a bigot. I warned people that Steve Bannon sought to fuse Jewish people and Nazi types to fight Muslims.

The sad thing is that the Zionists who lead Israel are a problem for the world. But Nazi fascism that we saw on display at Charlottesville, Virginia would be even more dangerous were that ideology to come to power.

There simply is no doctrine on the face of the earth that is more dangerous than fascism.

So, I was not surprised at Benjamin Netanyahu's tepid response to the fascism. He dabbles in fascism himself, but he is a practical fascist, loving ISIS as Henry Kissinger did, whenKissinger warned Donald Trump in August, 2017 to "preserve" ISIS. Henry is so old people don't realize how powerful he really is. He is one of the Godfathers of regime change.

Netanyahu doesn't like the left because he believes that the left wants to destroy Israel. I don't personally believe that is true. Nobody, short of a nu…