Fusion of Breitbart and Zionism Converge to Attack Reem's Bakery

The fusion I warned about, between right wing white racism and right wing Zionist racism has presented itself in a wicked convergence at a local California bakery. Reem's bakery in Oakland has endured racist attacks by Breitbart's racist rag and by Zionists and by thugs who injured a Jewish Voice for Peace protester, according to an article from the International Anti-Zionist Jewish Network. I know the Jewish Voice for Peace as being peaceful protesters in the past.

This unholy matrimony of right wing white haters and right wing Zionist haters is something I seriously warned about at Talkmarkets with a personal blog post. 

The International Anti-Zionist Jewish Network said this:

As part of an on-going attempt to take down Reem's California, Islamophobes followed through on their threats to demonstrate in front of the business. They came with racist signs and harassed customers. When community members and movement supporters came to defend Reem's and support customers in safely entering and leaving, the demonstrators aggressively attacked them. One rammed their scooter wheel chair into two members of the Arab Resource and Organizing Center while punching one in the stomach. Another punched a JVP member in the back and shoulder. They then called the police and had the nerve to demand a citizens arrest of those they had attacked. 
Though the community and movement successfully de-escalated the situation and allowed business to continue, they have threatened to return with larger numbers of anti-Arab, anti-Muslim racists. They have also threatened the safety of the staff and the business itself. SO, we need to increase our efforts to support Reem's and to protect this valuable community and movement gathering space.

On May 16, 2017, Reem's California opened in Fruitvale Village in Oakland as a permanent home for Reem Assil's pop-up Arab bakery. After years of labor and community organizing, Reem opened the business as a platform to bring community together, employ local organizers and share Arab culture. Reem has long been an active organizer with Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC) and always uses her business to support local social justice efforts.
Just weeks after opening Reem's California, Zionists and right-wing trolls began using the internet in an attempt to sabotage Reem's brand new brick-and-mortar business. Along with other racist websites, Breitbart News, the notorious mouthpiece of the white-supremacist "alt-right" movement, ran a piece smearing Reem's with hateful rhetoric. By flooding her online reviews and writing slandering articles, they have mobilized to take down Reem's California. Islamophobes are especially emboldened by the current political climate and they are waging a serious effort to destroy this business and the positive example of organized Arabs creating resources for their community. In just the past year, we have seen similar targeted attacks against the Arab Resource and Organizing Center, as well as against local professors at both SF State University and UC Berkeley. 

We will not stand by and watch racism used to try to intimidate members of our community and movement. We are asking that community members throughout the Bay Area support Reem's California against these latest attacks by visiting the restaurant, writing reviews and hosting events and meetings there. It is one of the easiest , most enjoyable and delicious ways to support Arab organizing and defend against the ever-increasing Islamophobic attacks. 
Reems is a peaceful bakery, and the issue at hand has to do with a mural defended by Reem, which depicts Rasmea Odeh as a hero. She was convicted of terrorism, in the bombing of a supermarket in 1969. However, it is possible that the Israeli army forced the confession and planted the alleged bombing materials in her home.

And even if she did try to bomb an Israeli supermarket as a young woman, which bombing I oppose on moral grounds, it has been proven since that the Palestinian people have endured over 40 years of oppression at the hands of the Israelis! And they endured over 20 years of oppression prior to the bombing!

One could make the argument that Odeh's cause is just. Her means are not moral in my personal view. But the cause is just and the oppression is a violation of international law and a violation of all that is moral.

The Israelis are in the wrong. It is that simple. Zionism is at the heart of this oppression. The Zionist plan was to ultimately discourage the Palestinians from living in their historical home. The Zionists have believed they have a divine right to reclaim old Israel although the original Zionists were self avowed atheists. But they do not have that right.

The prophets of God Himself have said that very thing, that a real New Zion cannot be born of violence in both the Torah and Prophets writings. Clearly, Israel was born of violence, expelling over 1/2 million Palestinians from Palestine, and shutting them up in Gaza and the West Bank when they were forced by Arab nations to return.

The idea that the right wing racists would use this issue to try to take down a lawful business operating under proper licensing in the United States is evil. The fusion of Zionism and white supremacy in this instance is an example of what I warned about as people like Ihor Kolomoyskyi and Donald Trump court both right wing systems.

This is a complex issue. But the Palestinians have been oppressed and they get power cut off regularly and earn pennies on the dollar compared to Israeli citizens, and their children are killed and abused by the Israeli army. The time has come for the Palestinians to be liberated. The world owes the Palestinians their God given freedoms which are being denied.

Know this, that Breitbart has an office in Jerusalem. Think about that for awhile, and realize the true nature of Zionism, a system of evil. Steve Bannon has said he wants a cultural war. And he will court favor with Israel and a fusion of right wing hate and Zionism, the most wicked fusion that could ever be since the fusion of the Pharisees and Rome leading to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

For further reading:

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Breitbart Article about Reem's fails to report the continued oppression of the Palestinians, over 40 years after this 1969 bombing.

Disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are my own.


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