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Fusion of Breitbart and Zionism Converge to Attack Reem's Bakery

The fusion I warned about, between right wing white racism and right wing Zionist racism has presented itself in a wicked convergence at a local California bakery. Reem's bakery in Oakland has endured racist attacks by Breitbart's racist rag and by Zionists and by thugs who injured a Jewish Voice for Peace protester, according to an article from the International Anti-Zionist Jewish Network. I know the Jewish Voice for Peace as being peaceful protesters in the past.

This unholy matrimony of right wing white haters and right wing Zionist haters is something I seriously warned about at Talkmarkets with a personal blog post. 

The International Anti-Zionist Jewish Network said this:

As part of an on-going attempt to take down Reem's California, Islamophobes followed through on their threats to demonstrate in front of the business. They came with racist signs and harassed customers. When community members and movement supporters came to defend Reem's and support customers i…