Trump White Supremacy and Threats to Jewish Community

It should be clear to everyone, but it isn't, that Donald Trump's campaign rhetoric has caused white supremacists to threaten Jewish communities. Trump supporters are brazenly trying to pin this on Muslims on posts on Yahoo and other websites, but Jewish people have been defending Muslim refugees against the Trump ban. It is far more likely that Trump white supremacist supporters, who he encouraged during the campaign, are responsible for these threats.

Remember, there is a fusion of white supremacists and Zionists lately. We hope that is not the motivation for these threats. I wrote this letter to the author of the second article cited below:

Zionism is not Judaism. It rejected the prophets, who said the New Zion would be established by Messiah in peace. The True Torah Jews and a few New Covenant Christians do not recognize the Zionist state as being religiously authentic because it isn't. It is, if you will, a fake Zion.
So, Jews who are not knowledgeable about this will always, always, be at the mercy of the white supremacists and their evil logic. 
Ihor Kolomoyskyi, the billionaire bigot thinks a lot like Trump. He wants to fuse Jew and Nazi to fight Muslims. Please understand that this comes from Zionism, as Ihor is a dual citizen of the Ukraine and Israel. 
Please understand that this fusion is now being attempted in the USA and it is very, very dangerous. It comes, I guarantee you, from Israel. In Israel Muslims are hated and gun rights are nil. Israel would like to make the USA into its image. I am a liberal for gun rights. I know what is happening and I have some statistics that will blow your mind about the Obama admin. 
Both parties carry out at least part of the Zionist agenda. 
I hope this helps you. Please feel free to contact me. 
Gary AndersonPS: Christian Zionists/Dispensationalists are not really Christians at all.

Here are some articles that prove an attempt is being made to fuse Zionism and white supremacy:

Zionist Eugenics: Their Attempts at Remaking Jewish Identity

Some liberal American Zionists, like Mort Klein, try to respect all races, but they are not in power in Israel:

"Alt Right Leader" Ties White Supremacy to Zionism-Leaves Rabbi Speechless

Is Trump Bringing "White Zionism" to the White House?

From the article:

Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s running mate, has weighed in on the controversy over President-elect Donald Trump’s appointment of the racist former executive chairman of Breitbart News as his chief strategist.Under Steve Bannon’s leadership, Breitbart News “regularly published materials designed to stoke fears about African Americans, Latinos, Muslims and other groups, and to explicitly normalize white nationalist and white supremacist beliefs,” according to New York magazine.This so-called alt-right ideology has been described by one of its key promoters as a form of “white Zionism.”

Know this, Jews are being impacted by Zionists for their own ends. Think Pamela Geller, who was funded by Israeli lobbyists. This is exactly what has been happening in France, but there was violence there.

Now, it is true that the left has promoted part of the Zionist agenda as well, the gun control agenda. I am left leaning, and want government to help the poor and elderly. But I support gun rights because I know who is behind destroying those rights. It is the Zionists. But this fusion of white supremacy and Zionism is even darker than that, and Trump and Bannon are on board with that wickedness. 

Zionism is a political movement, a supremacist movement, started in the late 1800's. It is not what most Jews are all about. 


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