Jewish Support for Muslim Refugees

I don't know if these Jewish folks are pro Zionist or anti Zionist, but they are right about standing up to Donald Trump regarding immigration. People in need immigrate. That is what they do. And the US armed the rebels leading to the destruction of Syria and the creation of all the refugees. Anyway, from the article:

In the weeks after Nov. 8, Lou Pechi, an 83 year old San Diego resident, was so traumatized and distressed by the presidential election — and the rhetoric against refugees, immigrants and minorities propagated by President Donald Trump and his supporters — that he couldn’t bring himself to watch the news on television. Pechi is a Holocaust survivor, one whose childhood was upended when Nazi Germany invaded his home in Yugoslavia (now Croatia) in 1941. Although he was seven at the time, Pechi vividly remembers what it felt like being a Jew in World War II — being forced to move between countries to escape Nazi persecution, to conceal his identity and survive. “I was very traumatized after the election because suddenly, I was seven years old again in Nazi Croatia, I remembered what it was like to be a refugee,” he said. “I thought we were progressing, but instead I was seeing history repeat itself.”...In the crowd was Tammy Schwartz, 27, and her husband, Jon Schwartz, 31, who saw the event on Facebook and was compelled to act after the executive order was issued. Tammy’s parents and grandparents were once immigrants to the United States. “We are having a baby in August and we want our child to grow up in a nation where everyone is welcome, regardless of religion or nationality,” Schwartz said. Anthony Sacks, 62, also shared deep concern for President Donald Trump’s executive order and the social and political implications of the ban. “I’m concerned with the direction our country is going. Hopefully they’ll hear the voices of the people and perhaps we can make changes to laws. Immigrants are what make this country great.”
I am glad these people are standing up to the bigotry. I hope they would all do the same regarding Israel, but for now, this view is encouraging. It won't be easy for the Donald Trumps' or Ihor Kolomoyskyis' of the world to gain a repugnant fusion of Nazi and Jew to fight Muslims. We hope this view is never forgotten by the Jewish community.


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