Anti Zionism Is Legitimate Free Speech on College Campuses

AntiZionism is legitimate free speech. Colleges should be safe for all students, but antiZionism is a subject that is not the essence of Judaism, or what it means to be Jewish. Zionism, the driving doctrine behind Israeli theft of Palestinian land, is wicked. It is not AntiSemitism. 

I suppport efforts to stop anti Semitism, but I abhor efforts to shut down antiZionist protests on college campuses. It will backfire, and that will be a good thing. But bad law against free speech shouldn't be permitted at all.

The bigots who cannot tolerate criticism of Israel are cowards. They fear the power of honest thought. Israel is a dangerous to the peace of the world. It is a danger to the USA. It is a danger because it will not change. It is continuing to destroy Palestinian villages with no threat of sanction.

The Devil is in bed with Israel. It was formed by atheists against the religious tenets of the True Torah Jews who already lived in Palestine and do not recognize the Zionist state as being legitimate.

Boycotting Israel is hardly violence against it. We didn't go to war with South Africa. We boycotted Apartheid. We need to boycott apartheid in Israel. I wrote here:

My Gedmatch Jewish roots are verified. It wasn't like I didn't already know. But when you are adopted, you want something concrete to back you up. I will list some charts below, but first, I want to tell you two things about Israel.
First, the African 9 test towards the end of this article shows that I am Yemeni Jewish and Ethiopian Jewish. Both of these groups made their way in recent times to Israel. Turns out they were mistreated. The Ethiopian Jews were mistreated by the racism they faced and still face in Israel. The Yemeni Jews had their babies stolen by a cruel nation.
Second, Israel, a colonial power, took away Palestinian land. But as you get into DNA, you realize that the Zionists stole the land from their biological brothers. Many Palestinians have a lot of Hebrew DNA. It is true that they are not practicing Judaism, but neither do I.
And did you know that the Zionists who founded Israel were self avowed atheists? They didn't practice Judaism either! Israel Shahak verified this truth about the founders of Israel.
I reject Israeli racism and bigotry. All people with half a conscience must do so. Israel must give these people, the Ethiopian Jews, the Yemeni Jews, and the Palestinians due justice that has been denied them for decades.

So, American congress, don't violate the constitution. I know you don't respect the founding fathers, but try to at least respect their accomplishments, the stability of our nation. Spitting on the constitution will only inflame people. And that is what Israel, Bannon and maybe even Donald Trump, wants.  


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