Anti Semitism Is Rampant: Too Little Too Late Trump

Update: Yet again on Monday, February 27th, racist antisemites threatened children of Jewish parents so that evacuations of schools had to take place. This is on Donald Trump's head. He is responsible.

AntiSemitism is rearing its ugly head. Calls have gone out to Jewish organizations threatening them. This is wrong, and it is caused by Trump's campaign. His silence or little peeps condemning this behavior is too little too late. He opened Pandora's box. His views that his German gene is superior is wrong. No one is superior. No one.

Whatever you think about Israel, a nation that has no godly sanction, you should remain tolerant of all peoples. These white supremacists are as bad as others who have pushed racial supremacy. It is time that Israel help out the Palestinians because there is MUCH SHARED DNA.

So, Israel can do the right thing, and white supremacists can go away. They are not wanted. I am certified Jewish by blood (I do not practice Judaism.) I believe all religions and all races of people should be tolerated and allowed to live their lives in peace!

If a nation does evil, like Germany in WW2 with Hitler, or like South Africa in the past, or like Israel now with the occupation of the Palestinians, that nation must be called on to stop and reform. But using this truth to peddle racist hatred is plain evil. Don't be evil in your treatment of others.


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