A Letter explaining My Vews About Democracy

When it comes to foreign policy, the word "democracy" has another meaning than that which is used in domestic politics. So I wrote a fellow and explained the danger of the word as it applies to foreign policy.

Hi ****, 
Democracy is a code word for world domination. It is a word taken over by the neocons. We don't know if Trump is one or not. I suspect he is, but tries to act like he isn't, but we will see. 
Democracy, or world domination, is a very evil doctrine. It has spawned regime change, so that our real war in the middle east is not fighting terrorism, but rather regime change. Read up on Oded Yinon sometime and you will see evil. David Ben-Gurion was a globalist seeking world power for Israel. Israel, not the communists, infiltrated the US government in the 1950's and 60's. 
I am certified by Gedmatch as being Jewish, and am adopted. I am 7.24 Ashkenazi and more North African, Yemen, Moroccan and Ethiopian Jewish. So, this is not about race or religion, it is about right and wrong. And the USA and its relationship with Israel is wrong, and is responsible for murder and children dying and stoning in 1948 of innocent women and children. 
The Palestinians, many of whom have Hebrew DNA, are occupied now for 60 plus years. That is wrong. America is on the wrong side of the Almighty. 
I stand politically with the True Torah Jews who were in Palestine 100 years before the Herzl colonists. They have never recognized Israel as a true new Zion. They are right. I stand with some NC Christians who know Dispensationalism and Christian Zionism are wrong. Israel is simply a colonial state like Australia, the US, and South Africa. But the occupation of the Palestinians continues. 
And the True Torah Jews are being forced into the Israeli military to break them.
If everyone would take a DNA test they would be more tolerant of each other. People don't have to believe the same, they just have to tolerate all those who don't agree with them. I hate antiSemitism, and have written against it, but I know the US and Israel are doing wrong. 
If the media really wanted to do the right thing, it would tell the truth about this. Even a British court ruled that Zionism is not the essence of being Jewish. Therefore it is a legitimate target for criticism. Tell the truth, ****. 
Now we have Trump, who has it backwards. He is antiSemitic and pro Israel. He is a dangerous bigot, and he is on record, on video, as saying he has the right gene, the German gene. He could be crazy, but Bannon is a calculating and dangerous second in command. 
Thanks for your time. I enjoyed contributing to the website and now contribute to Talkmarkets now as well as my own blogs.
Gary Anderson
Las Vegas, NV


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