Zionist Racist Hits Obama with Racial Slur


Zionist racist Mordechai Ben-David hits president Obama with racist slur. While I am no fan of Obama the half hearted Zionist (I oppose Zionism), he is still the president of the USA that sustains the wicked Zionism of Israel. Obama participated in regime change in Syria and Libya, which was what Oded Yinon's Israel wanted. Many innocent people from the Arab world, including women and children needlessly died from that evil doctrin.

From the pro Israel site posted above:

 Popular Hasidic singer Mordechai Ben David called President Barack Obama a “kushi,” a pejorative term for a black person, at  a concert in Jerusalem.
The audience burst into applause as reported. This is evil, and it is not the first time that people associated with the Zionist state abused Obama with racist remarks.  Zionism does not reflect historic Judaism which has, through the True Torah Jews of today, rejected the Zionist state.


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