Trump, Your White Supremacist Views Have Spawned Montana AntiSemitism

So, Donald Trump, it is your white supremacist views that have spawned antiSemitism. The truth is Donald, you have it arse backwards. AntiSemitism is always evil. But, it is not evil to oppose Israel on religious and moral grounds.

Yet you support the fake Zionism of Israel while spawning these right wing haters of Jews in Montana. You have it exactly backwards.

You cannot let this go by without stating the obvious to the nation: These right wing neo Nazi racists are intimidating Jews, and they are doing so within the law.

Intimidating Jews because they are Jews, in order to support or oppose Zionism, is simply committing a grave injustice. Intimidating Jews as an ethnic group is always wrong.

And doing so actually makes Jewish people flee to Zionism, the opposite effect that many white supremacists want. So, just don't do it, ever!

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