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Trump, Your White Supremacist Views Have Spawned Montana AntiSemitism

So, Donald Trump, it is your white supremacist views that have spawned antiSemitism. The truth is Donald, you have it arse backwards. AntiSemitism is always evil. But, it is not evil to oppose Israel on religious and moral grounds.

Yet you support the fake Zionism of Israel while spawning these right wing haters of Jews in Montana. You have it exactly backwards.

You cannot let this go by without stating the obvious to the nation: These right wing neo Nazi racists are intimidating Jews, and they are doing so within the law.

Intimidating Jews because they are Jews, in order to support or oppose Zionism, is simply committing a grave injustice. Intimidating Jews as an ethnic group is always wrong.

And doing so actually makes Jewish people flee to Zionism, the opposite effect that many white supremacists want. So, just don't do it, ever!

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Zionists Thrive on AntiSemitism an…

Zionists Thrive on Anti Semitism and Defended Steve Bannon

Zionists thrive on Anti Semitism and defended anti Semitic Steve Bannon because he is pro Israel. This secret is now out about Zionism:

From the site:

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) first condemned Bannon as anti-Semitic, but soon the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) countered ADL and pronounced Bannon and Breitbart innocent of any such charges, citing the strong Zionism of the accused as evidence. ADL backed down and downgraded Bannon's anti-Semitism.The fact that this notorious Zionist has frightened the American Jewish community, however, and quite rightly so, is now fully documented.When the ZOA endorsed Bannon, it was "flooded" with phone calls and faced an "enormous backlash for its enthusiastic defence of Bannon" by people objecting to this reckless act."We did not survive the Holocaust," people objected. "We did not found the State…

Defending Israeli Apartheid ≠ Fighting Antisemitism

This is a Jewish Voice for Peace letter from Ari Wolfeiler. It is a warning that the Senate passed an act that makes criticism of Israel an antiSemitic act. That is a lie, and this is a shameful act on the part of the US Congress. Please contact your Senator with links below and support overturning this destruction of free speech. 
Dear Gary, On Friday, without a single Senator in the Senate Chamber, the Senate unanimously passed the Antisemitism Awareness Act. Judging by the title, it seems a reasonable enough piece of legislation. And the Anti-Defamation League was one of its main boosters. But let’s look closer with a short pop quiz about why the ADL is behind this bill: a) To make it clear that actual neo-Nazis like the National Policy Institute, now in close proximity to power, are going to face real scrutiny and condemnation? b) To help prevent more violence against synagogues and Jewish people, like the dozens of instances of hate crimes and vandalism documented since the electi…