Trump and Israel. The Ultimate Insider Destroys the Palestinian State

Donald Trump is the ultimate insider, allowing settlements to continue on the West Bank, which will ultimately lead to the destruction of the Palestinian State. Even colonial America threw the Indians a bone, leaving the native Americans with sovereign reservations. Yinon Zionism says the Palestinians are to be banished from Palestine or kept as slaves.

Trump will assist all that evil. From the above article:

 Minister of Education Naftali Bennett, the head of the Bayit Yehudi party, asserted that "the era of a Palestinian state is over.""Trump's victory," he clarified, "is an opportunity for Israel to immediately retract the notion of a Palestinian state … which would hurt our security and just cause. This is the position of the president-elect, as written in his platform, and it should be our policy, plain and simple."
The possibility of an independent Palestinian state is, of course, inseparable from Israel's settlement project. Not surprisingly, therefore, Yossi Dagan, head of a Jewish regional council in the colonised West Bank, declared that the US elections mark a shift in this respect as well: "We have high expectations for a significant change in how the Israeli government treats Judea and Samaria following the election of a US president who is a friend to the settler movement in the West Bank. We expect an end to the construction freeze, and even more."
Zionism is not Judaism, and it is not, regardless of Bennett's idea, a just cause. Israel is an unjust cause and was from the very beginning. Israel is not the fulfillment of the prophets, who said that the New Zion would be established by the Messiah and come in peace. That is why Jews who support the historical Judaistic view, reject the Zionist state as having no divine authority. Those True Torah Jews have been persecuted in Israel and have been forced into the army as a means of weakening their doctrine.

And of course, they agree with the New Covenant Christians, who reject Christian Zionism, called Dispensationalism.

Israel is a colonial racist mini power, but that power reaches toward the USA. Trump, being a racist, wants the purity of Israel even though it is seemingly a contradiction to one who believes in Aryan Supremacy. But it is not so far fetched, as even Hitler reached out to other nations seeking racial purity, Japan and Italy, in World War 2.

Racism is the most divisive political doctrine known to man. When it catches fire, then it is a false form of nationalism, and really is tied to colonialism and empire.

Could Donald Trump change his mind? For the sake of peace, I hope so. He has two positions on every issue, so we can hope he does change his mind. 


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