This Website Rejects the Holy War Against Muslims. It is Immoral and Not Christian

Let's make it simple. Racists stick together but separately according to race. So, in WW2, Japan, Germany, and Italy all believed in racial supremacy. But they formed an alliance. Same is true with Racist Netanyahu, and Racist Trump/Bannon, regarding Muslims.
This alliance against Muslims from racist Zionists (Zionism is not Judaism), and racists alt right whites is an evil alliance. It could be end of the world alliance. Israel does not exist according to God's mandate. It is a fake Zion. It has nothing to do with Zion. The True Torah Jews, who preceded the Zionists into Palestine by 100 years, understand this and still don't recognize Israel and have been punished for their understanding of the truth about Israel.
The holy war against Islam is the goal of many of the elite. Trump is no different than Ihor Kolomoyskyi, who is an Israeli/Ukrainian billionaire who seeks to fuse Nazis and Jews in eastern Europe. The Jews won't have anything to do with him. But Netanyahu, being a racist Zionist, most certainly embraces this sort of alliance.
Will it be a major holy war by the US and Israel? I HOPE NOT. But we will see.


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