Jewish Friends, Billionaires Want Fusion Between Alt Right (Neo Nazis) and Jews

Jewish friends, this is my helpful warning to you about what could happen with Donald Trump and his alt right friends, one of which, Steve Bannon, is a chief adviser:

The problem with Trump is that he courts the alt right, Bannon, and Zionist Israel, Netanyahu. He wants a fusion of both in order to hate and fight Muslims. While this may not be carried out to its logical conclusion, a world war against Islam, it could happen.
And why could it happen? Because it has been tried before. Ihor Kolomoyski, like Trump, is a billionaire. He seeks to fuse Nazis with Jews in eastern Europe to fight the Muslims. So far the Jews in eastern Europe, who may or may not be Zionists, don't want anything to do with this fusion.
I wrote this way before the election. On page one is a description of Kolomoyski and Adelson's racism. Page 2 shows Trump and I will quote it:
3. Donald Trump. Donald Trump approves of continued settlement building on what is left of Palestinian land. This is the same Donald Trump who has criticized and insulted almost everyone, including women, blacks, Mexico, Muslims, Asians, undocumented workers, fellow candidates, calling them ugly (Fiorina) and ugly eater (Kasich), etc.
This is the same Donald Trump who had nothing bad to say about the KKK, saying he didn't know enough about them.
Here is a billionaire who has criticized almost everyone under the sun except for the KKK and Israel! I don't know if the Donald has put together the idea of fusing the KKK and Israelis to fight Muslims, similar to thoughts of Kolomoyskyi. The only thing holding that concept back is location. Yet that could be overcome through right wing and globalist websites dedicated to hatred of Muslims and blacks. Many of you know some of those websites. They represent the opposite of tolerance, a key value in our nation.
And Gary here. Now we know the favored right wing globalist website that could guide the alt right and Jews whether Zionist or not, into a fusion over hatred of Muslims. Bannon's Breitbart could be that website! This could be augmented by false flags against Jewish communities in America by "Muslims", set up by the government.
Now, this may not happen. We have Eugenicists in governments and we have not done much negative eugenics lately. So, I am laying this out, in case things move in the worst possible direction. Again, I do not have any proof that will happen, but only Trump's wicked hateful racist campaign, which cannot be forgotten, even as he puts on a reconciled appearance currently.
This is my opinion only. I beg Jewish people to be on the lookout for any unusual activity that would seem to be like what happened in Germany to your families during WW2.

This is fascism:

Fascism is always violent. We hope Trump is not a fascist, but he has some ideas that parallel fascism. If he reins those in we will be fine. If not, things will go badly.
Fascism seeks to solve financial problems with violence. Here are its core tenets:
Anti-democratic thought
One-party state
Personality cult
Direct action
Mixed economy
Class collaboration
Third Position
New Man
Social order
When Trump said that all men are not created equal he was issuing a fascistic statement:
Netanyahu may have made fascistic statements. He is accused by others in Israel of being a budding fascist:


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