This Website Stands Against AntiSemitism. Only Zionists Have No Leg to Stand On

My frustration about the Zionist situation is high. I hate antiSemitism. I have written against antiSemitism continually. But to the blind people in the establishment, I am an antiSemite. Well, they are wrong. Zionism and what it means to be Jewish are NOT THE SAME. They never were the same, never will be the same, never are the same.

The misguided fool at the Trump rally that cried out Jew S-A, blames the "Jewish" media. But in fact, it is a Zionist media. Most Jewish people have no control of media, no control of the political system and no control of the economic system.

The Zionists, who include Jews and non Jews, do control all the above. But they are a cabal, not reflective of what it means to be Jewish.

But it is so easy for this Zionist media to confuse this issue. I hate that people are antiSemites. They cannot hate an entire ethnic group. Hitler did that and it didn't fix anything. It made everything worse. And that is exactly what will happen if people don't stop confusing the issue.

This man did not get it right:

But as long as those who do control the media fail to distinguish between what is antiSemitic and what is antiZionist (relating to the state of Israel, not Jewishness), we will remain in this stew of confusion. I am sick and frustrated that this continues to go on. 


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