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About the JFK Assassination. Mohrenschildt Contacted LBJ

And let’s not forget that George De Mohrenschildt was in contact with Vice President Lyndon Johnson’s office in April, 1963. Scroll down and read that critical memo unearthed by ace JFK researcher Bruce Campbell Adamson: George De Mohrenschildt, who was Lee Harvey Oswald’s best friend in Dallas, ran in a circle of Texas businessmen (oil men) and politicians (Lyndon Johnson and GHW Bush) who just hate, hate hated the Kennedys. And there is a lot evidence that Oswald was U.S. intelligence with a fake public persona of a pro-Castro Marxist. Btw, LBJ’s military aide Air Force Col. Howard Burris was involved in the Iranian coup of 1953 which was backed by the CIA and American oil companies. And an Air Force general Edward Lansdale has been identified at TSBD on 11/22/63 by two of his peers, Col. Fletcher Prouty and Gen. Victor Krulak. And the head Air Force general of the time, Gen. Curtis LeMay was a rabid Kennedy hater, close to Texas oilmen H.L. Hunt and D.…

This Website Stands Against AntiSemitism. Only Zionists Have No Leg to Stand On

My frustration about the Zionist situation is high. I hate antiSemitism. I have written against antiSemitism continually. But to the blind people in the establishment, I am an antiSemite. Well, they are wrong. Zionism and what it means to be Jewish are NOT THE SAME. They never were the same, never will be the same, never are the same.

The misguided fool at the Trump rally that cried out Jew S-A, blames the "Jewish" media. But in fact, it is a Zionist media. Most Jewish people have no control of media, no control of the political system and no control of the economic system.

The Zionists, who include Jews and non Jews, do control all the above. But they are a cabal, not reflective of what it means to be Jewish.

But it is so easy for this Zionist media to confuse this issue. I hate that people are antiSemites. They cannot hate an entire ethnic group. Hitler did that and it didn't fix anything. It made everything worse. And that is exactly what will happen if people don…

The Ford Administration & Dick Cheney Link 9/11 & Operation Northwoods

The man who thought up Operation Northwoods, General Lemnitzer, worked in later years with Dick Cheney in the Ford admin. Northwoods had the idea of hijacking a plane and blowing it up and killing Americans. Same MO as 9/11. Operation Northwoods is declassified. It can be read by anyone.

Cheney was in the Ford admin, which covered up CIA illegal activities and was the link between Lemnitzer and the Bushes:

The Gerald Ford White House significantly altered the final report of the supposedly independent 1975 Rockefeller Commission investigating CIA domestic activities, over the objections of senior Commission staff, according to internal White House and Commission documents posted today by the National Security Archive at The George Washington University ( The changes included removal of an entire 86-page section on CIA assassination plots and numerous edits to the report by then-deputy White House Chief of Staff Richard Cheney.

Link between Lemnitzer and…

COINTELPRO Was Spying and Agitating Targeted Americans

Stolen files from the FBI lead to this fascinating study of what happened. Uncovered was spying and agitating of US communities both blacks and whites, during the Vietnam War. This is a proven conspiracy, and debunks the idea that conspiracies started by the US government are not valid. Many are.

See also COINTELPRO on Wikipedia. Interesting reading:

According to attorney Brian Glick in his bookWar at Home, the FBI used four main methods during COINTELPRO:
Infiltration: Agents and informers did not merely spy on political activists. Their main purpose was to discredit and disrupt. Their very presence served to undermine trust and scare off potential supporters. The FBI and police exploited this fear to smear genuine activists as agents.Psychological warfare: The FBI and police used myriad "dirty tricks" to undermine progressive movements. They planted false media stories and published bogus leaflets and other publications in the name of targeted groups. They forged correspond…

God Hates Master Race Idea. Donald Trump Embraces It

This article was published, by me, at It is important in order to clear the air about master race ideas:

1. God hates the master race concept. Christians believe that Satan works among all leaders of the physical nations. However, the doctrine that is most Satanic is the one that proposes there is a master race. Donald Trump believes he is part of a master race, that he has the master race gene, through possessing German Blood. This is pure Satan. If you vote for Satan, it is your right, but you are putting the nation in grave danger. 

So Trump said from the video:

A. He has a certain gene. 
B. He has a winning gene.
C. He has German Blood.
D. He has the right genes. (Others must have the wrong genes.)

If you put the three of these statements together, along with a statement from his exwife that he kept a copy of Hitler's Mein Kampf on his nightstand, there is no other conclusion than he believes he has the master race gene. There is no other possible conclusio…