AntiSemitism on Campus Is Partly the Fault of the Zionists

I posted this Facebook post on this article:

Jewish and Israel are not synonymous. These socalled Jews are rewriting history. When Herzl thought up Zionism, in the 1890's, the Judaists saw it was not Judaism, seeing it as a rebuff of the prophets, who said the Messiah would come by peace and establish the New Israel. New Covenant Christians believe that is Christ. But the point is, historical Jews and NC Christians reject Israel as a FAKE ZION. So, violence is not appropriate but peaceful protest of israeli occupation of the Palestinians is totally appropriate.

Zionism is now multiracial and rules the western world, with its low interest rates and pedophilia sex rings and regime change. The result is Trump who is a crazy and unstable Hitler type.  Time for the Zionists to wise up and explain the difference between historic Judaism and what they are peddling or there will be more Trump types reflecting the disenchantment with the globalist empire. [Emphasis mine]

Of course, Clinton is likely lying about the war on terror. She knows regime change is the real policy of the USA. But Donald Trump is a dangerous person, with obvious mental issues. He is not the answer. He lacks proper temperament to be president of the USA. 


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