Clinton Is a Neocon Hater and Trump Is a White Racist Hater

 Update: Since this letter was written, Trump has shown to be pro Russian more for his economic issues and it is possible that he owes Putin in a financial sense. It has been said that Trump's tax returns should be released to prove one way or another this relationship. I remain concerned by Hillary Clinton's lack of a relationship with Putin, but Trump may be some sort of agent of Putin. I don't know this for sure. Trump has proven to be a child in an adult body. He is more volatile than any president should be. So we could be screwed more with Trump than Clinton simply because he is such a child, in terms of emotional development.


We are screwed as a nation no matter who gets elected.

From the site a letter to Joe Biden:

This is what we are faced with. We have a domestic hater in Donald Trump. He is supported by Sheldon Adelson. We have a foreign policy hater in Hillary Clinton who supports Bush/Cheney regime change. And you did as well! Regime change is HATE.

Hillary Clinton needs to apologize to Putin, because Trump looks like the stable one and now Hillary looks like the one that hates Putin. That is hardly the image Clinton really wants out there. But now we know. Blaming the Russians for allowing the American people to see how hateful the Democrats are is just a diversion.


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