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Clinton Is a Neocon Hater and Trump Is a White Racist Hater

Update: Since this letter was written, Trump has shown to be pro Russian more for his economic issues and it is possible that he owes Putin in a financial sense. It has been said that Trump's tax returns should be released to prove one way or another this relationship. I remain concerned by Hillary Clinton's lack of a relationship with Putin, but Trump may be some sort of agent of Putin. I don't know this for sure. Trump has proven to be a child in an adult body. He is more volatile than any president should be. So we could be screwed more with Trump than Clinton simply because he is such a child, in terms of emotional development.


We are screwed as a nation no matter who gets elected.

From the site a letter to Joe Biden:

This is what we are faced with. We have a domestic hater in Donald Trump. He is supported by Sheldon Adelson. We have a foreign policy hat…