This Blogger Opposes AntiSemitism and AntiSemitic Acts!

Anti-Semitism is on the rise in the Boston area. I totally oppose acts of antiSemitic violence. It is senseless and stupid. It drives away potential Jewish converts to the anti-Zionist movement. It makes it more difficult for the antiZionist movement.

Now, I do not, for a moment, forgive the Zionists for deliberately confusing the issue of the two, antiZionism and antiSemitism. The white racists are not the only ones that do this confusion. The Zionists do it as well. But since when did they really care about the rank and file Jews anywhere in the world?

So, if you support antiZionism, refrain from violence against Jewish people. Don't be stupid. Don't be deceived. Don't hurt the one cause that has lasting meaning for peace in the middle east.


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