The New World Order as I See It Briefly

 Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex, which has fought wars since the Korean War for money, and lately, gone into the middle east to please the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. Those wars cost us a great deal of money. All the useless wars cost us lives.

Just FYI, the Rothschild family funded NWO advocate Cecil Rhodes. He owned DeBeers diamonds. He colonized Africa, and blacks were run off their property. He called for the British Empire to continue to rule, and financially it still does. Londinium (the Square Mile) is the center of world finance. 

In Israel, the wealthiest boulevard is Rothschild Boulevard, and a court in the UK ruled Israel was the Rothschild project. So, that was a mistaken colonization as well. Palestinians were driven off their land. 

In Australia, the colonists from that period drove the Aborigines nearly into extinction. It was not until 1947 that Aborigines were even recognized as human beings in Australia. You know about the native Americans. It all proceeded from the Rothschilds and Cecil Rhodes, who set up the Rhodes Scholarships in order to get US young people back into the fold of empire. 

So, for example, long after Rhodes died, Bill Clinton, a Rhodes Scholar, along with the Republicans, repealed Glass-Steagall and allowed liar loans. Only the liar loans came from the UK where they were called self certified loans. It was all NWO finance. 

And the beat goes on, as we as a nation are fleeced and told what to do. Empire rules over national sovereignty and that is very bad for our nation and the Wesfalia or Westphalia Peace (sovereignty of the nations) in the world.


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