Rhodes and Herzl and the New World Order

The amazing thing is that this information is public information, and yet the American public has no clue that we are simply a part of the Anglo-American Empire with no separate sovereignty as a nation. That is why we are in the middle east, because the Rothschilds and Rockefellers want us there. 

This following article does not implicate the Jesuits, only discussing the model of the Jesuits. I don't know about the secret Jesuits as of now. 

Rhodes, the colonist, was for an imperial New World Order and established the Rhodes Scholarships to bring the US back into the fold of the Imperial Empire. Bill Clinton allowed liar loans that came from the UK. He was a Rhodes Scholar. I would vote for anyone but Hillary, except that Trump is seriously mentally ill.

From Wikipedia:

Historian Carroll Quigley claimed that the Round Table Groups were connected to a secret society, which South African diamond baron Cecil Rhodes is believed to have set up with similar goals. Rhodes was believed by some to have formed this secret society in his lifetime. This secret society is supposed to have been named the Society of the Elect.[7]

Rhodes first formalised his idea with William T. Stead, editor of the Pall Mall Gazette, when he and Stead agreed on the structure of the secret society. This proposed secret society had an elaborate hierarchical structure, based on that of the Jesuits, which comprised: at the top, the position of "General of the Society"—a position modelled on the General of the Jesuits—to be occupied by Rhodes, with Stead and Lord Rothschild as his designated successors; an executive committee called the "Junta of Three", comprising Stead, Milner and Reginald Baliol Brett (Lord Esher); then a "Circle of Initiates", consisting of a number of notables including Cardinal Manning, Lord Arthur Balfour, Lord Albert Grey and Sir Harry Johnston; and outside of this was the "Association of Helpers", the broad mass of the Society. One of the puzzles surrounding this meeting is whether the "Society of the Elect" actually came into being. 

Carroll Quigley claims in Tragedy and Hope (1966) that Rhodes's "Society of the Elect" was not only "formally established" in 1891, although its first inception existed several years prior (1889), but that its "outer circle" known as the "Association of Helpers" was "later organised by Milner as the Round Table".[7] Quigley claimed that this secret society actually played a very important role in the history of the British Empire from 1899–1940, and that its place in history is so significant that it deserves to be known. Quigley also claimed that this group held nearly total control in writing the history of British imperialism during this period.

Oxford University is closely involved with the Rhodes Scholarships. The aim is the reestablishment of the British Empire, and of course, the seat of world finance remains the Square Mile, the original City of London, Londinium.

Theodor Herzl was a colonist much like Rhodes and he communicated with Rhodes. They sought Empire, and a special power for Israel is the project of the Rothschilds. The wealthiest street in Tel Aviv, Israel, is Rothschild Boulevard. 

Herzl invented Zionism, in the late 1800's. It is not Judaism, not a religion, and is at odds with the prophets of the Old Testament, who called for Messiah, not men, to establish the New Zion.

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