Congrats to Two Great Athletes, Lebron James and Dustin Johnson

Congrats to two great athletes with enormous pressure to win placed upon them. They both prevailed on Fathers' Day, 2016

1. Dustin Johnson lost by missing a short putt in the last US Open golf tournament in order to get into a playoff with Jordan Speith. He was known as the best golfing athlete never to win a championship. He was 31 years old, and had enormous pressure to win that first major. But Dustin won the 2016 US Open at arguably one of the most difficult courses on earth, Oakmont in Pennsylvania.

While other golfers faultered, Johnson was like a rock, driving the ball in the fairway, to avoid US Open rough, and making putts to keep his round going. He got, as he said, the "monkey off his back" in winning his first major after 9 years on the PGA tour.

2. Lebron James, also 31 years old, moved away to Miami to win NBA championships. He rubbed people the wrong way as a young man in doing so. Cleveland felt betrayed. But, Lebron decided to come back to win a championship for his hometowns of Akron and Cleveland. As a Cleveland Cavalier, he put enormous pressure upon himself and his teammates and coaches in seeking to bring a championship back to his home (He grew up in Akron).

Lebron and the Cavs fell behind 3 games to 1. No team has ever come back from that deficit to win an NBA title. But the Cavs did that very thing, astounding the Golden State Warriors with intense defense to win the first pro title for Cleveland in 52 years. That pressure that Lebron felt in guaranteeing Northeast Ohio a win was also compounded in pressure by the fact of that 52 year drought in all sports, hockey, football, basketball, and baseball.

Again, congrats to sports heroes, who, for some of us, make the dreadful events in life a little easier. America's tolerance for everyone is what makes this system work so well. 


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