A New Email to James Traub About Brexit

James Traub is a Senior Fellow at the New York University Center on International Cooperation (CIC). He is not a fan favorite with me. He is arrogant, and his thinking does not offer a better understanding of Brexit and of the EU. In fact, he is pretty ignorant when it comes to the real reasons the UK should get the hell out of the EU permanently. The vote was taken. Now action must be taken. Here is my email to Dr Traub. 

Dr Traub,

I read your really saddening article on how the elite should take over again and globalization should continue. You do realize that globalizing the UK, which is the homeland of globalization and the NWO, is like globalizing your grandmother. But there are reasons why the masses may not be so ignorant in rising up against the EU in Brexit. Just because you say they are ignorant doesn't make it true.

Consider this, there are economic and political reasons the UK should remain separate from the EU as I wrote here: http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/global-markets/currency-hegemony-gdp-growth-and-why-brexit-was-good-for-the-uk?post=98496

Add to that the UK situation on immigration is not like Trump 2.0. Trump is a racist and hater. Sovereignty for him is not a Westfalia Peace, but rather is a nation on a rampage, respecting no one. I get that.

But the UK and EU youth unemployment rate, except for the favored nations like Germany, is sky high. Real business has taken a back seat to finance, and that was never the reason to have finance in the first place!

I will not be voting for Donald Trump. I will not vote for hatred. But I do not see the Eurozone as a solution for government. The nations within are too diverse. The central bank has a one plan fits all policy. This is way beyond politics and the Brexit boys are light years ahead of most when it comes to thinking about the real economic issues that would confront the UK. Tie yourself to the Euro and you tie yourself to zero growth. And that is all to make somebody some money for nothing in the derivatives markets.

You can do better, Dr Traub. You need to do better.

Gary Anderson


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