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A New Email to James Traub About Brexit

James Traub is a Senior Fellow at the New York University Center on International Cooperation (CIC). He is not a fan favorite with me. He is arrogant, and his thinking does not offer a better understanding of Brexit and of the EU. In fact, he is pretty ignorant when it comes to the real reasons the UK should get the hell out of the EU permanently. The vote was taken. Now action must be taken. Here is my email to Dr Traub. 
Dr Traub,
I read your really saddening article on how the elite should take over again and globalization should continue. You do realize that globalizing the UK, which is the homeland of globalization and the NWO, is like globalizing your grandmother. But there are reasons why the masses may not be so ignorant in rising up against the EU in Brexit. Just because you say they are ignorant doesn't make it true.
Consider this, there are economic and political reasons the UK should remain separate from the EU as I wrote here:…

Congrats to Two Great Athletes, Lebron James and Dustin Johnson

Congrats to two great athletes with enormous pressure to win placed upon them. They both prevailed on Fathers' Day, 2016

1. Dustin Johnson lost by missing a short putt in the last US Open golf tournament in order to get into a playoff with Jordan Speith. He was known as the best golfing athlete never to win a championship. He was 31 years old, and had enormous pressure to win that first major. But Dustin won the 2016 US Open at arguably one of the most difficult courses on earth, Oakmont in Pennsylvania.

While other golfers faultered, Johnson was like a rock, driving the ball in the fairway, to avoid US Open rough, and making putts to keep his round going. He got, as he said, the "monkey off his back" in winning his first major after 9 years on the PGA tour.

2. Lebron James, also 31 years old, moved away to Miami to win NBA championships. He rubbed people the wrong way as a young man in doing so. Cleveland felt betrayed. But, Lebron decided to come back to win a champion…

The New World Order as I See It Briefly

Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex, which has fought wars since the Korean War for money, and lately, gone into the middle east to please the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. Those wars cost us a great deal of money. All the useless wars cost us lives.

Just FYI, the Rothschild family funded NWO advocate Cecil Rhodes. He owned DeBeers diamonds. He colonized Africa, and blacks were run off their property. He called for the British Empire to continue to rule, and financially it still does. Londinium (the Square Mile) is the center of world finance. 

In Israel, the wealthiest boulevard is Rothschild Boulevard, and a court in the UK ruled Israel was the Rothschild project. So, that was a mistaken colonization as well. Palestinians were driven off their land. 

In Australia, the colonists from that period drove the Aborigines nearly into extinction. It was not until 1947 that Aborigines were even recognized as human beings in Australia. You know about the nativ…

This Blogger Opposes AntiSemitism and AntiSemitic Acts!

Anti-Semitism is on the rise in the Boston area. I totally oppose acts of antiSemitic violence. It is senseless and stupid. It drives away potential Jewish converts to the anti-Zionist movement. It makes it more difficult for the antiZionist movement.

Now, I do not, for a moment, forgive the Zionists for deliberately confusing the issue of the two, antiZionism and antiSemitism. The white racists are not the only ones that do this confusion. The Zionists do it as well. But since when did they really care about the rank and file Jews anywhere in the world?

So, if you support antiZionism, refrain from violence against Jewish people. Don't be stupid. Don't be deceived. Don't hurt the one cause that has lasting meaning for peace in the middle east.

Rhodes and Herzl and the New World Order

The amazing thing is that this information is public information, and yet the American public has no clue that we are simply a part of the Anglo-American Empire with no separate sovereignty as a nation. That is why we are in the middle east, because the Rothschilds and Rockefellers want us there. 

This following article does not implicate the Jesuits, only discussing the model of the Jesuits. I don't know about the secret Jesuits as of now. 

Rhodes, the colonist, was for an imperial New World Order and established the Rhodes Scholarships to bring the US back into the fold of the Imperial Empire. Bill Clinton allowed liar loans that came from the UK. He was a Rhodes Scholar. I would vote for anyone but Hillary, except that Trump is seriously mentally ill.

From Wikipedia:

Historian Carroll Quigley claimed that the Round Table Groups were connected to a secret society, which South African diamond baron Cecil Rhodes is believed to have set up with similar goals. Rhodes was believ…