Israeli Generals and Intelligence Want a Two State Solution

From the article:

Reshef warned "the current status quo is an illusion" that endangers a two-state solution to the conflict.
The report widens a growing rift between the government and the country's military leaders. The former defense minister Moshe Yaalon was forced out after backing the military in a series of disagreements with political hard-liners. His ultranationalist successor, Avigdor Lieberman, is largely at odds with the military he now commands.
In March, military leaders criticized a soldier who was caught on video fatally shooting an already-wounded Palestinian attacker in the head — and he is now on trial for manslaughter. While Yaalon backed the military, Lieberman went to the court to offer his support to the soldier.
Of course we know that the best solution to the Palestinian conflict is if the Israelis just left Palestine. But since that is not likely, the next best solution is a one state solution. That is not likely either. So, the next best solution that could help the Palestinians, is a two state solution.

But the two state solution must have teeth. These generals and intelligence operatives, now retired, believe that a two state solution can be found. It would be in israel's best interest and fair to the Palestinians. The right wing Zionists in Israel want the Palestinians to go away but that isn't going to happen either.

Take the plan, Netanyahu, because Israel is looking like the dark nation of the world in its occupation and treatment of the Palestinians.

Take the deal, Bibi!


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