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Two Bigoted Billionaires Kolomoyskyi and Trump

So, there are two billionaires in the world who think almost alike. They are Donald Trump and Ihor Kolomoyski. Kolomoyski is a dual Ukraine/Israel citizen. Both Trump and Kolomoyski:

1. Hate all Muslims

2. Love right wing white groups like the KKK and/or the Nazis.

3. Support Israel.

So, Kolomoyski wants to FUSE right wing Nazis in the Ukraine with Jewish people to fight Muslims. So far the Jewish people have shunned Kolomoyski. Trump has not gone that far in seeking a fusion of right wing Jews and racists, but their thinking is similar and Trump gets support from both. He gets support from David Duke, former KKK and Sheldon Adelson, who owns the Venetian, who is a Zionist.

Israeli Generals and Intelligence Want a Two State Solution

From the article:

Reshef warned "the current status quo is an illusion" that endangers a two-state solution to the conflict. The report widens a growing rift between the government and the country's military leaders. The former defense minister Moshe Yaalon was forced out after backing the military in a series of disagreements with political hard-liners. His ultranationalist successor, Avigdor Lieberman, is largely at odds with the military he now commands. In March, military leaders criticized a soldier who was caught on video fatally shooting an already-wounded Palestinian attacker in the head — and he is now on trial for manslaughter. While Yaalon backed the military, Lieberman went to the court to offer his support to the soldier. Of course we know that the best solution to the Palestinian conflict is if the Israelis just left Palestine. But since th…

Writers Visited Hardcore Jewish Settlers in Hebron

This 50 years of military occupation simply must end! Wicked Zionism is doing this and America remains silent. This must end! From the article:"

Asked whether the tours are presenting a one-sided take on the Israel-Palestinian conflict, Waldman said no, not at all.
“There are not two sides to an occupation. There are two sides to a conflict, but there are not two sides to an occupation,” she said. “There are occupied and the occupiers.”
Waldman added that she wasn’t blind.
“I’m not denying the reality of terror, I’m not denying that buses blow up in Jerusalem, that there are knife attacks,” she said. “But what this book is designed to do is give the world a glimpse of what it is like to live for 50 years under a military occupation.”