Review: 'Colliding Dreams' explores Israel-Palestinian issue - LA Times

Review: 'Colliding Dreams' explores Israel-Palestinian issue with eye on secular Zionism - LA Times

The review of this movie by Kenneth Turan is simply horrible. The secular movement for Jews to live in Israel was never harmless. It preceded the Holocaust and WW2. The goal of Herzl was always to take over the land of the Palestinians.

And yet, the author is correct that a religious zeal took over, as Zionism went from a godless secularism to a false religion. He didn't exactly explain it that way, but that is how it happened. First the Zionists were secular, and spit in the face of God, who through the prophets said the New Zion would come through the Messiah. The secular Zionists didn't wait for God.

Then they built a religion around Zionism that spat in the face of God, and thus did so twice. Is there any wonder why God hates empire and the financial people in the UK and US supporting an Israel that has no sanction from the Almighty? 


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