Crossing the Line: When Criticism of Israel Becomes Anti-Semitic

Crossing the Line: When Criticism of Israel Becomes Anti-Semitic

Jonathan Greenblatt is onto something when he says criticism of Israel should not descend into name calling and antiSemitism. But, while he is correct, he has to understand this as I posted a comment to Greenblatt's article:

Yes, Jillian, the people that confused
the issue of what is Jewish and what is Zionist were the Zionists! Think
about it ADL and think long and hard about what you have done and now
you complain. We agree with you. But you need to educate about the
Zionists wanting Judaism to die in order for Zionism to ursurp God.
Greenblatt cannot have it both ways. He must acknowledge that Zionism and Judaism are two different things. Rabbis by the hundreds and thousands "converted" from Judaism to the fake Zionism we see today. Israel is a mistake, or should I say a deliberate slap in the face of God, as the Old Covenant prophets said Messiah would establish the New Zion!

Israel would be better off disbanding, than living a lie. I don't advocate violence against Israel. I advocate that Israel stop living the Zionist lie. 


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