Vote Republican and They Will Poison Your Water

The globalists control both parties, but the anti government, anti regulation regime of Rick Snyder, who recently traveled to Israel to meet Benjamin Netanyahu (2013), has just gone too far. Snyder made the Flint lead poisoning possible.

Of course, others of both parties made it happen, but it would not have happened without Snyder's intervention. And he has taken responsibility for the debacle.

But taking responsibility is not enough for poisoning thousands of Michigan low income children.  Did he get orders from Netanyahu, who is leader of an apartheid nation that treats blacks shamefully? What are we to think about this guy?

Snyder was recently ridiculed in Ann Arbor, at a restaurant. The hecklers wondered how he can sleep at night instead of carrying on his life as usual. Well, Zionists don't really care. That is the answer.

Democrats are terrible too, and want destruction of gun rights. JFK supported gun rights. But he lost the battle to the globalists. Snyder is simply walking in the footsteps of those who hate America, all the way from the Federal Reserve Private Bank to Sarah Palin and the idiots running for president.

But the Republicans want anarchy, and we simply can't have it. We see the results with deregulation of the banking industry and the deregulation of Flint's water supply.

So, as bad as the Democrats are, and they are disgusting hoaxsters and fraudsters, the Republicans can hurt you even more, and will continue to try, as their mandate seems to come from Israel.

Vote Republican and your water could be suspect!

To be fair, lead levels before the banning of lead paint and lead in gasoline was higher than Flint averages. But, that was then and this is now and there is no excuse for this anarchy from the Republicans. 


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