Ted Cruz Didn’t Disclose Loan From Goldman Sachs for His First Senate Campaign

Ted Cruz Didn’t Disclose Loan From Goldman Sachs for His First Senate Campaign - The New York Times

Ah, just another wicked Zionist beholden to Goldman Sachs, the most evil speculative bank in the world. Just my opinion, of course, Lloyd! I posted this in 2013 at a now defunct website way before we found out in 2016 that Cruz got an unreported loan from Goldman Sachs. This is my opinion only:

Ted Cruz has been at the forefront of the government shutdown, the financial and physical hurt it caused Americans, and the financial windfall that could benefit investment banks when stocks go up and down based upon his knowledge of events. Ted Cruz's wife works for Goldman Sachs. I am not saying Goldman Sachs benefited but it is a possibility.

Someone has benefited. The wealthy like Warren Buffet have benefited. Buffet and Goldman Sachs have said that a shutdown is too dangerous, yet they made money on fear of debt limit caps and the actual shutdown. There is a difference between fear of debt limit caps and shutdown, but both caused the markets to decline.

The stock market was down quite a bit on the shutdown and Buffet made 10 billion dollars in the crisis. Now, Buffet owns a large piece of Goldman Sachs. Did Ted Cruz tell Goldman Sachs, the place his wife works, that he would not really keep the shutdown of government going? And did GS tell Buffet so he could make 10 billion dollars as reported by CNBC? I don't know. But the American people are tired both of shutdown and fear of shutdown and all this underhanded dealing.

Then we find out that Ted Cruz, the supposed hater of banksters also has ties that were not properly disclosed to an investment bank called Caribbean Equity Partners Limited.

This information surfaced from Time magazine, and has been widely reported, and proves that this man is a pawn of the wealthy. He represented Texas corporations as an attorney according to his Wikipedia page. He is bought by the wealthy. His actions likely benefit his handlers in various ways.
I guarantee you, he is not trying to shut down government for free.

Keep in mind that the Tea Party loves Ted Cruz, and yet, Cruz loves the banksters. That means, and I have maintained it for a long time, that the Tea Party loves the banksters the TBTF banks and the other big banks, more than the American people.

Ted Cruz is pure pond scum posing as a defender of the people. The sooner Americans understand this charade the better off they will be.


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