, The Alliance Between Israel And Saudi Arabia

The Alliance Between Israel And Saudi Arabia Some Muslims have claimed that Saudi Arabia is a Zionist nation. Well, certainly there is a close bond between Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Bush family. I would say the case could be made that Saudi Arabia knows the biggest threat to its existence is Yinon Zionism, so why not cozy up to the Israelis and become part of the Zionist team? Sad situation as much evil has come from these nations.

 This situation and growing political partnership is particularly heartless in the face of this 1910 scene from Bethlehem, where it appears that the Zionist claim of an empty desert waiting for the Zionists to take over was not true. This was a developed city, and the Palestinians had a developing culture. Now they are put on reservations, Gaza and the West Bank, but unlike the indians, they can't even join the greater society of Israel.


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