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Vote Republican and They Will Poison Your Water

The globalists control both parties, but the anti government, anti regulation regime of Rick Snyder, who recently traveled to Israel to meet Benjamin Netanyahu (2013), has just gone too far. Snyder made the Flint lead poisoning possible.

Of course, others of both parties made it happen, but it would not have happened without Snyder's intervention. And he has taken responsibility for the debacle.

But taking responsibility is not enough for poisoning thousands of Michigan low income children.  Did he get orders from Netanyahu, who is leader of an apartheid nation that treats blacks shamefully? What are we to think about this guy?

Snyder was recently ridiculed in Ann Arbor, at a restaurant. The hecklers wondered how he can sleep at night instead of carrying on his life as usual. Well, Zionists don't really care. That is the answer.

Democrats are terrible too, and want destruction of gun rights. JFK supported gun rights. But he lost the battle to the globalists. Snyder is simply …

The FBI and Memphis Police Admit Their Involvement in the Assassination of MLK

The FBI and Memphis Police Admit Their Involvement in the Assassination of MLK

Cointelpro was an FBI plot to make all peaceful demonstrations violent. Cointelpro was discovered by a break in to an FBI office. On MLK, who had a peaceful movement that was infiltrated by violent people through the FBI, death was because government feared all peaceful movements. They saw what Ghandi did and wanted no part of it.

Cointelpro took place after the globalist assassination of JFK. It was a wicked response to the antiwar and civil rights movements. 

From the link above:

Since revealing its illegal COINTELPRO harassment of Dr. King and the existence of at least 5 paid informants who reported to their Memphis Field Office, the FBI also disclosed that Dr. King’s trusted friend and renowned photographer, Ernest Withers, had been secretly working as an FBI informant. In addition to the FBI informants, a black undercover Memphis PD officer named Marrell McCollough had infiltrated the Invaders in …

Ted Cruz Didn’t Disclose Loan From Goldman Sachs for His First Senate Campaign

Ted Cruz Didn’t Disclose Loan From Goldman Sachs for His First Senate Campaign - The New York Times

Ah, just another wicked Zionist beholden to Goldman Sachs, the most evil speculative bank in the world. Just my opinion, of course, Lloyd! I posted this in 2013 at a now defunct website way before we found out in 2016 that Cruz got an unreported loan from Goldman Sachs. This is my opinion only:

Ted Cruz has been at the forefront of the government shutdown, the financial and physical hurt it caused Americans, and the financial windfall that could benefit investment banks when stocks go up and down based upon his knowledge of events. Ted Cruz's wife works for Goldman Sachs. I am not saying Goldman Sachs benefited but it is a possibility.

Someone has benefited. The wealthy like Warren Buffet have benefited. Buffet and Goldman Sachs have said that a shutdown is too dangerous, yet they made money on fear of debt limit caps and the actual shutdown. There is a difference between fea…

, The Alliance Between Israel And Saudi Arabia

The Alliance Between Israel And Saudi Arabia Some Muslims have claimed that Saudi Arabia is a Zionist nation. Well, certainly there is a close bond between Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Bush family. I would say the case could be made that Saudi Arabia knows the biggest threat to its existence is Yinon Zionism, so why not cozy up to the Israelis and become part of the Zionist team? Sad situation as much evil has come from these nations.

 This situation and growing political partnership is particularly heartless in the face of this 1910 scene from Bethlehem, where it appears that the Zionist claim of an empty desert waiting for the Zionists to take over was not true. This was a developed city, and the Palestinians had a developing culture. Now they are put on reservations, Gaza and the West Bank, but unlike the indians, they can't even join the greater society of Israel.