Was JFK 1st victim of New World Order? WND Tries to Control the Debate

Was JFK 1st victim of New World Order?

While this is a helpful article, it does not tell the whole truth. I posted this in the comment section and was blocked. Beware of the World Net Daily (WND) website. It is not what it seems to be:

WND, Saudi Arabia is not the only nation that wants regime change in
Syria So does Israel and Yinon Zionism is proof. That doctrine has not
changed. I want you to state, WND, that Zionist globalism, not Judaism,
is a central part of the NWO. If you don't say it, I have my doubts
about you still. However, this article is a good one. The Zionist coup
took place, November 22, 1963. No longer was Israel forced to comply
with US requirements as to its nuclear program, and gun control became
part of the national law in 1968 under LBJ, one of the JFK

WND did not allow this quote from me at the time of this blog posting. 


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