The Fraud of Sandy Hook. Hoax It Was. The Case of Veronique Haller Posner

Here is Veronique Pozner, again wiping a NON EXISTENT TEAR:
Pozner was not only a gun control advocate but her uncle was too. All caskets were closed except this one and this one had no press to view it. It is a scam: Also, if you scroll down that article, Noah's hair grew 4 inches in one month, unheard of in modern health history, lol. Here is another one. No tears and wiping a way a tear that DID NOT EXIST. Obama did the same thing. It is fake.

Pozner's uncle was named Haller. Turns out that was probably her name as well and she is not a nurse. She is, rather, a legal counselor:

How many Veroniques are there in the world and how many would have an uncle named Haller and have her last name as Haller while she claims it was Posner?

Pozner's uncle was named Haller. Pozner was likely a fraudulent name for Veronique Haller.
It is known that Veronique's maiden name is Haller. This is a total fraud.
She is a legal person, not a nurse. She appears to be a liar.

This is from the "memorial page" of the alleged child of Veronique, posted to Facebook:

This memorandum is authored by Alexis Haller, Noah’s uncle and a licensed attorney. The memorandum is submitted on behalf of the following family members of Noah Pozner:
Veronique Pozner (Noah’s Mother) Danielle Vabner (Noah’s Sister) Michael Vabner (Noah’s Brother) Marie-Claude Duytschaever (Noah’s Grandmother) Dirk Duytschaever (Noah’s Step-Grandfather)
Ivar Haller (Noah’s Grandfather) Natalie Cornaz (Partner of Noah’s Grandfather) Stephan Haller (Noah’s Uncle) Patricia Haller (Noah’s Aunt) Alexis Haller (Noah’s Uncle) Victoria Haller (Noah’s Aunt)

Disclaimer: These proofs of a hoax at Sandy Hook are only opinion, legally, since not tested in a court of law. But my opinion as a person of faith in Christ is that these people will be eternally judged by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and that people should fear God and not man. 


  1. Bring awareness to Hoaxer activities & prosecute those who consciously, publicly defame, harass and emotionally abuse the victims of high profile tragedies. Send us report about your harassment in our webpage

    1. But there were no real tears, Honr Moron. Sandy Hook was no tragedy at all. I will stand up in court and prove no one cried.

    2. @honr network nnn nothing to see here goyim
      help prosecute anyone exposing our lies

      get back up in your attic jew


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