Obama's Hoaxes and False Flags Scare Police Chief and Others. Everyone Should Be Armed. Good

Barack Obama, the hoaxing and false flagging evil president, has scared so many people into buying guns by his idiot and wicked policies, that they are buying more guns and politicians and public servants at the local level are telling them to buy more guns for protection.

Obama has done this evil for NOTHING. Even James Craig the black police chief of Detroit came out and said people need to buy more guns to protect themselves against terrorists. If people didn't get killed in the false flags, I would be amused at this amazing turn of events.

Before I go any further, I reject Alex Jones because he I am starting to believe that he uses the idea of false flags, which really happen, to make people fear all Muslim people. The NWO is fixated on getting Americans to hate Muslims. Jones could be a NWO plant although I remain hopeful that he would go change back to his old commitment to the truth. 

This website is for tolerance of all religions and will remain that way as long as I manage this domain. Jones says he does not hate all Muslims, but I believe that there are stories on his website that contribute to that hatred. I reject those stories and stand in doubt of Jones. This is my personal opinion only.

I posted this on Facebook about San Bernardino and much of it is corroborated by witness testimony towards the bottom of this article:

People likely died, but the emergency treatment scene was very casual, like Sandy Hook. Fake. Pay attention to this: I was watching CNBC and Jane Wells said it was "strange" that the freeway was not shut down. False flag. No APB, no warning by bullhorn at the local mall. I live in Vegas, and saw no APB on my TV. It is a false flag, people died. Most was a hoax. It didn't work out the way real shootings would have worked out. FBI was there, no excuse. The first witness interviewed said there were three tall men entering the building. Could have been Homeland Security types.
A woman on the Facebook plugin at Fox Insider blog said this in response to me:

Yes, Gary Anderson the initial reports stated 3 gunmen, and then the story changed abruptly. Also, I saw a video online that was filmed on a smart phone by a nurse in a neighboring office showing at least three individuals running across the grounds and the person filming said somehting like "look, they all have rifles". What happened to this video? I could not find it later in the day.....that's a smoking gun of sorts.

Obama's hoaxes and false flags will be studied until the end of time, just like 9/11. Slowly the falsehood will be chipped away and the truth will come out, just like 9/11, and more people will be convinced by the truth.

Obama wants a legacy? His legacy will be arming ISIS and scaring people into buying more guns. What a Zionist bum this guy is. His office has become a big joke. Bush started the evil with 9/11, but Obama is continuing the darkness.

People think he is a Muslim for going easy on ISIS. He has a legacy of confusion and idiocy. He doesn't seem to care that people think of him as a Muslim when he is a globalist. 

Shame on you Barack Obama. I voted for you twice and you betrayed me. And you betrayed and deceived the people you had a constitutional responsibility to serve and protect and lead.

Witness Testimony:

We have found out that this is quite likely a false flag as two witnesses gave stories that do not fit the official story.

And finally two witnesses to San Bernardino said there were three shooters. Sally Abdelmageed said three tall shooters. Sorry, it is a false flag. The people shot were short except for one. Dumbass government.

See this about Juan Hernandez, witness: https://willyloman.wordpress.com/2015/12/06/san-bernardino-shooting-updates-2nd-witness-3-white-male-shooters-lawyer-baffled-at-absurd-story/

And Sally Abdelmageed, witness, said:

“Three men, dressed in all black, military attire with vests on holding assault rifles and one of them opened up the door to building three… and he… opens up the door to building three and … he… starts to spray, shoot all over into the room… I couldn’t see a face, he had a black hat on (mask) and uh, from my view all I could see was a black hat (mask) and long sleeve shirt… black cargo pants with zippers on the sides, big puffy pockets, he had a huge assault rifle and extra ammo… I just saw three dressed exactly the same…. their skin tone looked white. They looked like they were athletic build. They appeared to be tall” Sally Abdelmageed https://willyloman.wordpress.com/2015/12/04/san-bernardino-shooting-inconvenient-details-glossed-over-by-corporate-press/

Tashfeen Malik was neither male, athletic or tall looking at the picture of her after being dragged out of the SUV by misinformed or wicked government operatives. Note that the guy seems to be too white based on eyewitness descriptions of the shooters, and his leg is whiter than his torso. Some have said it is a dummy. And why no trail of blood from the possible fake blood to where he now lays?

From a participant at Patrick.net named Debyne commenting on the little woman in the picture, who is lucky to be 5 feet tall:

"The empty magazines from the shooters are from AKs, not ARs...news photos prove this. There's no way a tiny woman no more than 100 lbs could've worn all that gear and wielded an AK. This is once again looking like a gov't job...gotta get the public behind another war."
According to Fox News, the woman and her husband were carrying AR15's when shot. But the shootings at the facility in San Bernardino showed cartridges from AK47's which are much heavier to load. 

So, Obama, you are just a follower of Zionism which is not a religion or a race, but rather the most powerful form of globalism on earth. But know this Mr Obama, Zionism will run out of time. God will judge empire and has always done so. This New Roman Empire of the US, UK, Saudi Arabia, and Israel is a fraud and a lie. It will be judged by the return of the Messiah, and its leaders will run out of time before its many plans for totalitarianism are implemented.

The new girl singer sings about her exes and ohs. Obama just represents hoaxes and fraud. 

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