Virginia Shooting Hoax Is a Poorly Done Botched Glock of Crap

The Virginia shooting hoax was botched. It is a crock of crap but I prefer to call it a Glock of crap. Check out the video and pictures below. First we see the crisis actors, including Allyson Parker or whatever her real name was, and her being "shot" and then running away. That would have been impossible had the woman been hit multiple times with a Glock. Hence the view I have that this was simply a Glock of crap:

Of course our anti-heroine in the red dress ran away, didn't drop when shot by the blanks, and evidences no blood. This is a really poorly done hoax. I am surprised that the American government did such a poor quality hoax. Perhaps it is to see how easily they can fool and mold the American people, who are mostly suckers, but only because their media is controlled. However, with bad hoaxes like this, the climate in America may be changing. We can hope.

And, of course, we have the video, which shows that there were no casings ejected from the blanks fired at our anti-heroine.

This Bloomberg Zionism is actually not Judaism, it is a political and evil political cabal that has nothing to do with Judaism or any religion. Mayor Bloomberg has been linked to the Sandy Hook Hoax. He sponsors Everytown. He is a globalist Zionist seeking total totalitarianism.

He is the guy who tried to tell you how much coke you could drink. Democracy is just an obstacle to him.Homeland Security and other government agencies and Obama are in on this gun control push to make us like Israel, bigoted and without gun rights. Zionism is multicultural. Obama is a Zionist, and so is Biden. They are best friends of Bloomberg.


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