Thanks to the Attacks on Paris, Refugee Creator Obama Will Live in Infamy

The Paris attacks may or may not have been facilitated by some refugees from Syria who posed as refugees but were ISIS. However, clearly, Obama will live in Infamy as the president who created the refugees by the regime change war carried on in Syria.

We supported rebels who created the refugees. Of that there can be no doubt. So, the refugee situation was avoidable. Our nation was caught up in the absolute folly of regime change, started by Cheney and his co president, George W. Bush.

Our nation was not willing to let regime change go, and may only now could be grudgingly seeking to rid the middle east of ISIS now that western civilization is being threatened.

So far Israel remains silent. Israel doesn't say, terminate ISIS. Israel wants the ISIS buffer in Iraq and ISIS to depose Assad. Israel wants Syrian oil, big reserves found in the Golan Heights by Genie Energy, which has a Rothschild and a Cheney and a Murdoch as big investors.

But look at Syria, perhaps a nation that we have been brainwashed about? That is certainly, at least partially true:


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