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LEST WE FORGET: Donald Trump Endorsement for Prime Minister Netanyahu

LEST WE FORGET: Donald Trump Endorsement for Prime Minister Netanyahu | The Ugly Truth

It is important to understand that Donald Trump is pro Netanyahu. This proves he does not care about a sovereign United States. He is in the pocket of the Zionists. It is disappointing but obvious when we see his bigotry, his registries, and all the other voodoo he is into.

Sorry Donald, you are not ready and will never be ready for prime time sovereign nation president. You are no JFK. You are an embarrassment to everything JFK stood for.

The Ugly Truth website is interesting. I have spoken to the editor who says he distinguishes between Zionism and Jews as a group, but that he does not censor comments. Some of the comments on the site are racist and bigoted, but you just have to understand that when reading from the site. I don't endorse the site. Do your own diligence.

Jewish People Were Turned Away Just Like Republicans Want Syrians to be Turned Away

I wrote about this very sad link:

These Jewish folks endured what Syrians endure. Syrians were attacked by ISIS and forced to flee their homes. We know what happened to the Jews who were forced to go back to Germany. This is not regular immigration. This was people in danger! We have idiots like John McCain saying:

"The Whole National Security Team Recommended Arming ISIS." John McCain And the rest of the Republicans saying that Syrian refugees in danger are not welcome here. Think about these Jewish folks when you hear the small minded Republicans doing their little bigotry dance. 

The Whole National Security Team Recommended Arming ISIS--McCain

"The Whole National Security Team Recommended Arming ISIS." John McCain
Perhaps McCain could tell us how that arming of ISIS worked out in the light of the Paris bombings? Just think, there would have been no Paris and no refugees from Syria had the USA not armed ISIS. PigsRUS. Sad indeed.

The video was from a year ago, but since then ISIS has grown, with the nurturing of the USA all the way.

Thanks to the Attacks on Paris, Refugee Creator Obama Will Live in Infamy

The Paris attacks may or may not have been facilitated by some refugees from Syria who posed as refugees but were ISIS. However, clearly, Obama will live in Infamy as the president who created the refugees by the regime change war carried on in Syria.

We supported rebels who created the refugees. Of that there can be no doubt. So, the refugee situation was avoidable. Our nation was caught up in the absolute folly of regime change, started by Cheney and his co president, George W. Bush.

Our nation was not willing to let regime change go, and may only now could be grudgingly seeking to rid the middle east of ISIS now that western civilization is being threatened.

So far Israel remains silent. Israel doesn't say, terminate ISIS. Israel wants the ISIS buffer in Iraq and ISIS to depose Assad. Israel wants Syrian oil, big reserves found in the Golan Heights by Genie Energy, which has a Rothschild and a Cheney and a Murdoch as big investors.

But look at Syria, perhaps a nation that we h…

Virginia Shooting Hoax Is a Poorly Done Botched Glock of Crap

The Virginia shooting hoax was botched. It is a crock of crap but I prefer to call it a Glock of crap. Check out the video and pictures below. First we see the crisis actors, including Allyson Parker or whatever her real name was, and her being "shot" and then running away. That would have been impossible had the woman been hit multiple times with a Glock. Hence the view I have that this was simply a Glock of crap:

Of course our anti-heroine in the red dress ran away, didn't drop when shot by the blanks, and evidences no blood. This is a really poorly done hoax. I am surprised that the American government did such a poor quality hoax. Perhaps it is to see how easily they can fool and mold the American people, who are mostly suckers, but only because their media is controlled. However, with bad hoaxes like this, the climate in America may be changing. We can hope.

And, of course, we have the video, which shows that there were no casings ejected from the blanks fired at …

Whoops, how'd those get there? Iraqi fighters find Israeli weapons in ISIS position -- Puppet Masters --

Whoops, how'd those get there? Iraqi fighters find Israeli weapons in ISIS position -- Puppet Masters --

Wow, Israeli arms being found at ISIS positions. So, Americans, wake up. If you don't like ISIS you can't like Israel.

Fighting a Cultural Boycott of Israel | Consortiumnews

Fighting a Cultural Boycott of Israel | Consortiumnews

Israel really does not want peace or a settlement with Israel. That would violate the core beliefs contained in Yinon Zionism. So, fighting a cultural boycott of Israel is likely just a ploy by the Zionist globalists to weaken the BDS movement through offering a false call for peace and cooperation.

Is the Next Bubble About to Burst? | Biz Brain

Is the Next Bubble About to Burst? | Biz Brain

As you can see from this great site, the market bubble is essentially engineered, preplanned, and is a conspiracy of sorts. If you are the little guy, the transfer of wealth will come at your expense, unless you are lucky and/or quick. This website is a must read for those who wish to understand the evils of the stock market and the power of the global elite, the smart money.