Zionist New world order (Bahá'í) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

New world order (Bahá'í) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This secret society, Baha'i, is supported by Zionism because its agenda is Zionist all the way:

Some of the principles outlined in the New world order include:

It all sounds good, but it is bad, giving the dark side full control of world government. 


  1. Hello there dear friend,

    In case you didn't know the Baha'i cult founder, Baha'u'llah, would refer to those that denied him as donkeys, pigs, and bastards:


    On the same website, there is a link to the book: "Twelve Principles: A Comprehensive Investigation on the Twelve Baha'i Teachings" that makes an in depth investigation in the so called novel Baha'i principles and shows they are all copied from other groups and Baha'i leaders themselves failed to adhere to them. The "let us read and ponder" section exposes many many contradictory acts and words of the cult leaders in this regard.



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