The Pope Makes a Fool Out of Himself in Speaking about Antisemitism

 I wrote this in response to the Pope. Israel really does not have the right to exist. It exists as because of the power of the Western world and by the decree of the United Nations. But I do not advocate the destruction of Israel. Israel can unwind voluntarily. It would be the right thing to do. I posted this at the Newsweek article carrying the Pope's comments:

May the Pope rot in hell for his false gospel. Zionism is not Judaism. Real Christians respect all other religions because they are commanded to be tolerant. But Zionism is a political doctrine of colonialism that ignored the prophets who said the New Zion would be established by the Messiah. And the Old Covenant ended in 70 AD and those who say otherwise are gnostics. So, Newsweek, Israel is a false Zion. I don't advocate the destruction of Israel, but I wish the Jews there would just leave and come to a safer place, like the USA!!


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