Ten Major Things Americans Should Know US Press Failed to Report

I posted this list of ten things Americans should know that were not widely reported, if at all, by the US Press. It first was written by me, on a thread at Patrick.net, and it should be shared many places, in my humble opinion:

1. The US press did not widely report that people bet on American airlines stock massively declining just prior to 9/11.

2. The US press did not report that the wrong school was used in the CNN police storming video of the Sandy Hook school. The school that was used had rounded curbs and the Sandy Hook school did not.

3. The US press did not extensively report that congress made it legal for the government to spew out propaganda to the masses or made it legal for congress to trade on inside information.

4. The US press did not report that one of the Sandy Hook Hoax parents had a direct connection to Mayor Bloomberg through being employed by a major Bloomberg fundraiser. Mayor Bloomberg is the sponsor of the Everytown gun control movement.

5. The US press does not report that the Zionist globalists control America and have consolidated power since JFK was assassinated. It is not widely known that LBJ's aunt Hatcher was a Zionist.

6. The US press did not report that the Israelis honored survivors of the Lavon Affair in 2005, calling them heroes. They attacked US installations in Egypt in 1954 and attempted to blame that attack on the Muslim Brotherhood. I am no fan of the Muslim Brotherhood but they don't do false flags against the United States. Israel was 6 years old and already doing false flags against the United States.

7. The US press does not widely report that the CFR is a non governmental agency, that the Fed is a private bank, that the globalists often speak of culling the population or often speak of instituting a New World Order.

8. The US press does not report the scam of the Fed in which it never raises interest rates significantly, even though failing to do so in good times could result in negative interest rates in bad times and a move to an oppressive cashless society.

9. The US press did not report during the time of the housing bubble that it was a scam by the bankers.

10. The US press did not extensively report that the Taliban went to Texas in 1997 as guests of the Texas oil company, Unocal. Cheney had motive for attacking the Taliban way before 9/11 because the Taliban refused the pipeline to American oil investments in the Caspian Sea, owned in part by Halliburton and by George H.W. Bush.

Mainstream media has been treasonous in its dereliction of constitutional duty to report important news to the American public. 


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